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The adventures of Strings EP3!

Here's the third installment of "The Adventures of Strings!"

Ok, so that's kind of cheesy huh? Oh well!

Here we go. A corp mate and I decided to go out for some good, clean, Yarring. He took out his Retribution, and I took out my Punisher named Termite. (It was actually Termite IV, since I add a number each time I get a new one.) We scouted a nice busy low sec system, and decided to prowl around. He's a bit of a RPer, so he wanted to go to Minmatar space to "Get back what's rightfully ours." That basicly means he didn't want to ransom anyone.

We warp into the system, and I go to a planet with the majority of the systems belts. As soon as I get in, I see a Crudsader about 100km out. He starts Comming at us full speed. He locks the T2 frig (duh) and starts unloading on my mate. I'm pretty layed back right now, since I just locked down a T2 frig. Mmm loot. Then I see local jump. Oh noes!

I yell for my mate to get out, but he's scrammed, and isn't outrunning this guy. I know we're going to get pounded in a minute, so I try all I can get get this Crusader to run. At this point, I didn't even care about the loot. Then warps in a 5 more enimies, consisting of some nice cruisers and T2 frigs. Crap.

The thought if warping out crossed my mind. I wasn't scrammed or anything. No. My mate is in a T2 frig with nice mods. I have about 3 mill to lose on the Termite IV.

Good news. Their snipers. We still might have a chance. I tell my mate we need to keep focusing on this Crusader so we can get him out of there. My mate is getting pounded, but he told me his tank can hold out for a little bit longer. I'm surprised at the amount of punishment his ship can take. He's had 6 guys shooting at him. We get the Crusader into structure and he runs out fo scrammer range, then jumps.

"Get out of there!" I yelled.

Nope, they got wise to our plan and sent one of the sniper close to scram range. I told my mate we can't win this and to try and get out of range, and before I press enter, pop. That's bad.

I tried to stay and save my friend, but it didn't work out so well. I made a break for it now. I slammed on my AB, and tried to get out of range. Now i have the 5 snipers all hitting my little T1 frig. My repper can't keep up..... I'm almost there... 18... 19.... pop. CRAP! I was almost there, and my repper couldn't take it.

Time to get out Termite V

It seems like every story I write is one of me dieing, or losing. I'm really not a bad pirate, I just think some of my best stories are when I almost did the impossible. Next episode will be me winning ok?

Fly Safe,

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Rokugan on :

Wow , realy good story , im not a pirate my self but i love hearing your guys stories and sometimes feel im missing out haha , anyway keep them coming, not enjoying them cause you have lost a ship just its nice to see both sides of the coin,


Sicks_Strings on :

Thanks for your feedback. I'm glad you like my stories. Just before I read your comment, I added another episode. It should get cleared in a few days. I don't lose a ship this time either :-P

Klaus on :

Yeah, good story. For a new author you're doing very well (in my opinion), enjoy your writing style so keep it up ;-).

Rob on :

nice blog dude, i think you should rename your shipfrom a bug to something a little more nails, how many termites you been squashed in now hehe.

Fly Safe Strings, cya later

Jark on :

Heh, that happened to me an a corpmate once in 0.0 space. Bye-bye to my Ferox and his Rupture :/ By the time I got my first Drake, I was flying my ninth Ferox :-P

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