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The adventures of Strings Ep2!

Hey again. I'm trying to get at least a blog a week out in hopes of someday being an author. Anway, here's the next installment of the almost unrelated adventures of me. Horray!

Alright, so I've been a while without a killmail, so I decided to head out with my corp. We go into our allies 0.0 space neaby. We're jumping through this gate, when about 40 enimies on the other side surprise us. We lock on a few, and start unloading. Then someone shouts, "I got blue's shooting at me!" That's followed by, "I'm locking blues!" "Blues are everywhere!"

There's mass confusion, so our CEO warps us out of there, and we regroup at a belt having lost a ship and being confused. Then, after a while of tyring to sort things out, he decides we make a break for the gate and jump through. If they follow all 18 or so of us, we'll try to engage them with our close range ships.

So he gangwarps us, we see some of them, then we warp though and see some more. We're all wondering what to do, when all of a sudden we uncloak. He tells us to hold our fire untill they fire a shot. So sit there for a few uncomfortable minutes, when he gives us the lowdown on what happened. He tell us that we just warped in on a large fight between our allies, and some of our enimies. In the confusion, some friendly fire happend, so that's what messed us up. When you have a lot of ships on one screen, it takes a minute for the ally blue color to come on, so they shot at whatever came though the gate thinking it was backup.

So we continue on for a while, making it to our allies POS. We make a pitstop there and see we have a KOS docked in the station. We decide to camp him out, since I doubt we'd ever get a better chance to later on. We wait...... and wait..... and wait...... Then another KOS warps in at 100km. We get the "OK" to engage, (You have to remember, we're in our allies space, so we don't want to get one of them) and I'm off like a bat out of hell. I get within 20 km of him (just out of effective range) 20........19.........20..21..22..23 oh man... he's got a mwd. I yell to see if anyone has a web, but it's no use. None of us can catch this guy. We run around for a while like total idiots, when we just decide to forget him. Back to the camp.

We've been camping here for about 15 minutes, and just as someone says, "He's not comming out, we're wasting our time," out pops the guy. I lock him, scram his ..... bestower? Oh man! I was hoping for at least a BC. I wanted some fight. Whatever a kill's a kill. I scram him, start unloading, the rest of the gang does the same. We punch through his hauler in about 3 seconds, and out pops his pod. I lock it, scram it, and with a satisfing SQUISH one more person on our KOS list is down.

After that I tried to go out on my own, but didn't have much luck. All in all it was a good day, and I'm glad I finally got my scram :-P

No killmails, sorry. I'm only in a frig remember ;-)

Good news though. As of 24 hours from now, on 3/29/07, Thursday, a war against 2 unfriendly corporations starts. That'll give me something to do. I won't have to go more than one jump for some action, since they base themselved in the system next to us. Our only worry is that they overpower us and gatecamp our base. That's why I'm moving all my valuables to our POS 2 systems over, since I know I can always retreat back there if we get hit hard.

Anyway, that wraps up espisode 2. I hope to get another episode written very soon.

Fly safe everyone.

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Klaus on :

Not bad, had a good chuckle reading the friendly fire mishaps.

PTSI Freighter on :

I know... When I was in DG- while I was in LV. some Scimitar (Goonie) got friendly fire after abu and his group of fast hitting cruisers/frigs got to him. I was laughing so hard I couldn't tell Abu about the friendly fire... then the whole TS channel went silent as everyone was laughing so hard...

Sicks_Strings on :

Thanks for the comments!

It's great to hear about your friendly fire stories. Sorry about this episode being a little on the lame side, but the next one is great! The next one should come out in a day or two, since it takes about a week of the post sitting there to get published.

Thanks everyone!

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