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The adventures of Strings Pt1

Ok, so I'm going to start off saying these arn't really like a series of connected adventures, just stuff that happens to me while pirating :-P

Anyway, here it is, my first eve-pirate blog-thingy. I hope it get's the "Ok!"

So lets get to the action. Right now I'm making a new pirating toon, because I've been away from Eve for a while, and I needed a new toon to fool around on. I've been training Minmatar Frigate V for a while now and I only have 4 more days. The problem is, I don't have anything else besides that. No scrambler, no learning skills, no cybernetics or gunnery skills. Yep, lame right?

Anywho, I'm playing Eve earlier than expected, so I don't have the right skills, so I decided I'm going to try some easy miner kills. Fun right?

So I get to the star, scan out some miners, blah blah blah. Warp in, bam, jetcan. Nice. I drop my own, switch the ore, and wait. Bam, he steals it back. This is going perfect! I open fire in my trashy frig, let my drone go, and hope I get him before he warps. Comon..... comon...... shields down...... armor......into structure..... warped. Bleh! I need a scram. All of a sudden another miner comes in in a..... probe? Hmmm they need an indi ship. They were ganged so I get to try my luck on him. I gave him all I had, but didn't get him before he warped.

Now I'm mad. I could have had 2 kills now if I had a scram! GRR! I try to pick up an "electronics" skill book while I wait, but the 1.4 patch made the market go down. Nice. So they come back, I try to get em, they warp out. It's a cycle of lame-ness. I was about to leave when a stabber came in. Hmm..... this could get fun. I know I can't get him, but what the hey, right?

He locks me, I lock him, orbit at a nice 1km, set the afterburner and unload. I'm denting him, and he can't hit me with his medium guns of awesome-ness. We do this for a while, then the 2 miners come in with some cheesy railguns on. Haha wow. They're trying to hit me too, and get a few ok shots in between the two of them, but noting my shield booster won't laugh at. So deciding this cruiser is about as dangerous as a blind ducky, I focus my fire on the frigs to scare em away. I get this guy down to 50% structure and get gets out, then the next frig warps after him.

Meanwhile this cruiser keeps sending lead over my head, landing an annoying hit in once in a while since I'm not close to him, and I decide to play with him some more, thinking I have nothing better to do. We go at it for a minute and as I have him into half armor, I get rammed by a........ shuttle? What? Ummm...... this is getting embarrasing. I'm not going to take that. This guy thinks he's funny. I switch to the shuttle and blow it up happily, and, still being mad target this funny guy's pod. I get 2 hits on it, and almost had it, when he warps out. I say screw it and go back to the station feeling like a really lame pirate. I give myself a sad 'yarr' and log off.

Man I need a scrambler.

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Anonymous on :

Don't ever call your character "toon" please ;o

Also, you seem to know enough about eve to use a scrambler. You didn't. You failed. Get better or die, literally :-)

Sicks_Strings on :

I've been calling it a "toon" for a while, and I'm not gonna stop. I don't feel like typing out "Character" and "char" is just dumb. Anyway, If you read the article, I had just a few days untill I got frigate V and then a scram, and I didn't plan on playing just yet. Nice name btw...

Anyway, thanks for the nice feedback Klaus. It took a while for Ander to approve it, but since I know at leat one person likes it, I'm going to start writing some more. Who knows, maybe I'll be an author some day! =)

Klaus on :

Good deal ; ) very well written for your first article, hope to see more.

Klaus on :

Agree with the "toon" phrase otherwise the guy without the balls can stfu. Nice story, always fun to just head out on an alt for some yarrin, what system was that in by chance?

MinithJin on :

Nice story, I have the same trouble when I get bored whilst playing one of my alts, need to train prop jamming :-)

yarr on :

erm how did you shoot at a pod in high sec off of a can flag?

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