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Ore theif PVP

Running around in Isikesu to find a lone retreiver out mining into a belt. I grab my hauler that I can easily put 10k m3 on it and go ore stealing his can. He brings his drones out and tries to attack me, so I dock, bring my rifter out and he has a buddy in a ferox. He attacks to around 25% hull and I warp out faster then you can say "Ganked." They guy private convos me and wants a fight. Well, our kill rights didn't last and I blew from Sentries. We went to a moon, and he blew by concord. So I set out a can and he turned it which gives me kill rights. We were at it for a while until he warped and he wants to continue it at a belt.. I said fine by me but keep your friends out of it. I also added in that if he blows me, I will give him his ore back and then some. Well, I ended up winning with around 66% hull left on my rifter (btw, it was rifter vs rifter) and he had an impressive armor tank. I was just having 3 ACs and a Missile launcher, civ booster, ECM, and Hydropropellent something.... Frig Named AB I know that. for lows I had a CPU, Overdrive injector and a stabber (I know I am evil). As I said, I ended up winning and it was a good battle for the 2 hour wait for him :-P I was starting to expect a Ferox or a BC/Cruiser... Then I would have to go get my Vexor or Ferox.

In the end, I lost a rifter and my opponet 2 rifters. Here is a copy of the kill mail:

2006.11.22 03:08

Victim: -------
Alliance: NONE
Corp: -----------
Destroyed: Rifter
System: Isikesu
Security: 0.7

Involved parties:

Name: PHPR Freighter (laid the final blow)
Security: 0.0
Alliance: NONE
Corp: ----------
Ship: Rifter
Weapon: Flameburst Light Missile

Destroyed items:

J5b Phased Prototype Warp Inhibitor I
Barton Reactor Capacitor Recharger I
Small Automated I Carapace Restoration
Proton S, Qty: 1000 (Cargo)
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane I
150mm Light Prototype I Automatic Cannon
'Malkuth' Standard Missile Launcher I
Cold-Gas I Arcjet Thrusters
Flameburst Light Missile, Qty: 292 (Cargo)
Fusion S, Qty: 23 (Cargo)
Nuclear S, Qty: 77

Cleared for publication by: Ander


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Anonymous on :

Damn i wish i could fit a Stabber in the lows, civvy booster and what i think is an afterburner?

damn, unbeatable setup i say!

freighter on :

Hehe. Thanks. It was a Monopropellant I Hydrazine Booster for my AB.

Gef on :

Something tells me he was being sarcastic..

By all rights you should have lost that duel, just goes to show you dont need a decent setup if you have ECM.

freighter on :

yeah. just read it over..

well after the battle, the guy said he never used Autocannons before. He hasn't use projectiles before. What kind of idiot goes into PVP with a ship he barely knows?

and yes, I knew by all right I should have lost the duel. But you always use ammo you assume the opponent won't have resists for... that gave me an edge over my foe :-P

kirklando on :

i didnt even read the story, the title put me off, ore theft is lame, die.

kirklando on :

ok, that was unfair, i read the story.. and ure still an idiot.

"What kind of idiot goes into PVP with a ship he barely knows?"
Yes mr civ shield booster.

freighter on :

Oh well. You all can die and I know it was wrong. I don't even practice ore theiving anymore. I am happy in 0.0 now.

and the Civ booster was because I ran out of PG and CPU Even with Engineering/Electronics maxed out.

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