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Identifying and Dealing with Macro's / Farmers

Recently on the Eve-Online forum there has been a lot of talk about the problems with macro miners and what CCP needs to do with this problem. Some people suggest “this” others suggest “that”. In this article I will give you tips on how to properly identify macro miners, ISK farmers, and complex farmers, and what to do about it. As always you can petition a macro miner, but these are tips on how to deal with the macro yourself here and now.

There is an in game channel called “macrointel” where you can gather information about where macro’s are, how to identify, and to form gangs.

Sometimes these players are controlled by a macro program, but not very often. It’s more likely that there is a guy controlling eight computers to mine and haul all this ore. They work in shifts and once the shift is up, another guy takes control. So you may see different behavior from the same group of farmers at different times of the day.

Identifying the Farmers:

1.) Once you get into a system check out the info of each player in that system, if there are more than 15 players in a system you may want to check the belts instead. You will be looking for clues that I have outlined below.

1.1) Users are all in newbie corps for at least one month. Sometimes I see these guys have been in noob corporations for six months, 8, 10, or a whole year. Now what kind of Eve player would stay in the noob corp for a whole year? And why is this character mining low end materials in high sec. Surely after a year a player would have a great skill set and could fly battleships, and if they wanted to mine and make money they would join a 0.0 corp and mine high end minerals all day long.

1.2) These farmers usually have same creation date. This is a good clue if you see people in local who are in noob corps and were all created on the same day or really close together.

1.3) If you add these macro miners to your KOS list you will see that they logon and logoff at same time. They will also be online most of the day.

1.4) The characters they play will have weird names. Sometimes they have normal names, but a weird name is a good clue. Try this next time you are in game. Search for players and randomly punch in four letters from your keyboard (lkjh, erng, iunc, or aaaa, or zzzz, or zzdd) and you will most likely come up with some people. Are they in noob corps? Probably. And how long have they been in game? Isn’t it sickening?

1.5) All characters stay in the same system together day after day after day. Unless of course you start stealing from them, then they move away to a different system. More on that later.

1.6) These players often don't respond to chat, or ship bumping (search bumpageddon on the Eve-Online forums)

1.7) If they do respond to chat or ship bumping they might speak English poorly. This is a weak point, and do not identify macro miners based on this. Instead if you can identify what they are speaking, then you can use a translator to talk to them, maybe find out where they are from. I have had farmers tell me that they are farming and that I should stop stealing from them.

2.) After figuring out that you may have macro miners in the system, scan each belt with the scanner and see who is where, and what they are mining with keep an eye out for the clues below.

2.1) Lots of Retrievers, or Coveters being used to mine low end minerals. If a player has been in a noob corp for a year and wants to mine all day long, they could at least use a Hulk. Often you will also see these players with attack drones circling them. When I mine, I like to use mining drones to get the maximum amount of ore. Of course these are not normal miners they are macro miners, and the attack drones are there to fend off the 4k rats that might attack the mining barge.

3.) Complex farmers are different, they fly around in battleships, and are still in noob corps. Once you have mastered the above clues finding farmers in complexes will be easy. Defeating them will not be easy.

4.) Sometimes farmers will form their own corporation. When this happens you will see a bunch of macro’s from your KOS list all in the same corp, or they can be identified by the way they behave. Macro corps are usually identified on macrointel so others can wardec them too.

How to beat the ISK Farmers / Macro Miners:

A.) Steal their ore for your own use. Time is against you when you are stealing ore, eventually these farmers will pack up and move out of the system.
Hint: When I am stealing ore, I like to scan all the belts first to find out where they are and I write this information down on some paper. I warp into the belt, and head straight for the can. Zoom out and “look” at the belt icon. Lineup the belt icon and the farmers to find a planet or another belt to warp in from. This way the next time you return you are going to be a lot closer than just warping into the belt

B.) If there is too much or for you to take back in one trip eject your own container, rename to same name as the macro's container, then pop the farmers container. Now the farmer's hauler may come along and take the ore from your container, you and your corporation now have 15 minutes to attack the hauler ore thief. If they don’t take from your container then you can grab the rest of the ore when you come back.

C.) As the farmers pack up and move to another system, chase the farmers through systems as they try to get away from you the more time they spend running equals less profit for them.

D.) Attack the farmers with lots of suicide Kestrels and/or Caracals. You may be able to score some good loot if it doesn’t blow up with the rest of the ship. You will need to gang up with a lot more of your friends to take down a hulk in empire space. But the loss of a hulk is worth 500 million, and they are hard to replace.

E.) You can use a fast heavy ship, such as a battleship with a microwarpdrive to ram the farmers away from their cans and away from the belt. This will really frustrate the farmers.

F.) If you are attacking complex farmers come prepared for a pvp fight, and make sure you are in 0.4 space and below. These guys are equipped to take down the boss of a complex. This can be far more rewarding considering that if you blow up the ships of the complex farmers you can take the final reward for yourself. Beware, legitimate corporations also camp these complexes. The final boss can sometimes respawn every seven hours, you have to be on at the right time.

With the above knowledge you can know who is and who is not a macro miner instead of guessing. You can now act against macro miners and profit from their not-so-hard work. If you are interested in hunting down macro miners there are a few corporations who actively hunt down macro miners check with the in game channel “macrointel”. The more practice you get the better you will become at hunting macro’s.

Good hunting,
- Aceoil

Cleared for publication by: Ander


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happyapples on :

a brilliantly timed article! i had just come across a macro operation in osmon today - and thanks to macrointel and this article, i knew what to do :-)

cappie on :

This article sucks.. there are tons of legit people in production/industrial/mining/research corporations in high-sec

For example, I'm not interrested in going into a 0.0 corporation and get my Hulks blown up because my corp and/or alliance are in some sort of war...

I think you're full of it..

Anonymous on :

fucking ridicuous article. my corp intensively farm 3 highsec systems. why?


Dumb fuck

Kestrix on :

Not every one who does not reply or respond is a Macro miner, I do on occasion take my Hoarder out to a high sec belt and leave it mining and go to bed. In the morning I have 50K ish of ore in my hold, nothing wrong with that is there?

martin on :

No, nothing except that you know the risks of leaving a ship online while AFK, so there's also nothing wrong with someone popping it.

Keirez on :

Very informative. And I don't think anyone should do much afk.

JVN2 on :

Very nice.

Another thing to watch out for if you are stealing ore.

They sometimes will have a guard ship armed with a full pvp setup sitting somewhere ready to gank you. So get a corpmate in a hauler switch the ore to another container in your pvp ship then have your hauler friend stuff it all in his hold for safe keeping.

That way if you get jumped by the guard ship you are in a pvp ship and can hopefully take him out.

Of course its far more likely he wont engage....
However, if you rob them in a hauler......POP! :-)

Miner on :

This isn't a guide to identify macro miners more than just a guide on how to grief regular miners. Most miners/mining teams sit in the same system every day. As for one guy running 3 accounts... who are you to say that's wrong? They're paying to run a mining operation, and that's the way they enjoy the game.

Just come out and say that your guide isn't to "Identify and Deal with macro's", it's a guide on "how to grief miners that frustrate your little pirate self because they stay in sec space".

Try growing a pair and go pirate low sec or 0.0 miners. The fact that you've come up with tactics to kill miners in high sec gives evidence to the fact that you yourself hide in high sec space because you can't hack it elsewhere.

Phyrr on :

Many macro hunters are ex miners who had enough of macros taking their ore. Killing macro miners is nothing like killing miners. Most macro hunters return ore to real miners upon request. Macro hunting and miner hunting (not griefing) are 2 seperate things. For starters a miner isnt online 23/7 a macro is.
and as for these kind of statements : Try growing a pair and go pirate low sec or 0.0 miners. stfu what does that even mean? Piracy by definition is making maximum profit through whatever way necessary at minimum loss to oneself. This dude is outlining ways to deal with macro miners...the more they kill the higher your can is worth buddy so hes providing info to help you really.

keystyles on :

actually piracy, by definition is:
1: an act of robbery on the high seas; also : an act resembling such robbery
2: robbery on the high seas
3a: the unauthorized use of another's production, invention, or conception especially in infringement of a copyright b: the illicit accessing of broadcast signals
just figured id tell you how wrong you were

good artical for noobs, but be aware that someone can exibit all these traits and not be macro mining, it could be a legitimate corp and if you steal there ore you will probably loss your ship. personaly i dont look at local unless im going through the pipes, and i rarely talk to people when they convo me. if your that worried about a macro miner taking roids, since im sure a lot of miners can clear an entire belt even with macro, petition him, post it on local chat, and see if anyone else has noticed the same about that player. dont forget how much it sucks when an ore thief comes around and snatches your stuff

Jay on :

If your going to define a word, do it correctly. Your wrong.

Pronunciation [pahy-ruh-see]

–noun, plural -cies.

practice of a pirate; robbery or illegal violence at sea.

Piracy isn't making money at the lowest cost, its stealing and killing others. Doesn't matter who you steal from, or who you kill. If you do, your a pirat

Sylance on :

I found this article rather funny. I have just recently come into contact with macro miners for the first time. Trying to explain them to another friend I used pretty much each of your tips for indentifying them. All created on the same day - most within 10 minutes of one another. All with crazy names - just all caps like XILLFD or BABXIVI.

But I have a question for you. Since they are in a noob corp, if I were to steal from their can, that doesn't make me open game for the entire noob corp, does it? I doubt it but I've been hesitant to try it.

I like the idea of putting their ore in my own can and lureing them to steal from me :-)

One last thing - if you can verify that there isn't some PvP ship waiting near by, what type of ship would you use to get the ore?

Aceoil on :

But I have a question for you. Since they are in a noob corp, if I were to steal from their can, that doesn't make me open game for the entire noob corp, does it? I doubt it but I've been hesitant to try it.
Nope, I do not think that you are "open" to the whole noob corp.

One last thing - if you can verify that there isn't some PvP ship waiting near by, what type of ship would you use to get the ore?
I started out with a Badger, then a Badger Mark II, then I worked my way up to having an Iteron Mark V.

Tanna on :

I know that MacroMiners are a pain, however, who are you to tell them how to play the game? Did you pay their $14.95 per account? I am a home dad. Thus I have a lot of time near my puter. AND, I have two accounts. And when my corp is on, we all mine together. Funny thing is my buddy got us all into this and we all got our accounts with in an hour of each other. Humm, guess that nixes that that part of "How to Identify MacroMiners".

A lot of your ways to identify MacroMiners might be true, however they are not fool proof.

I just got a contract for the minerals for a capitol ship. This means we're going to be shooting a lot of rock. Now people that read your article might be tempted to steal from us and get their arss blasted into dust all due to your well worded document. Or maybe you can just write another well worded document on how to mine lots of rock, playing the game the way YOU think everyone should play.

You pay my $14.95 per month and send me the rules on how you want me to play and I might just do it.


Anonymous on :

you're a complete moron

Sparkling Wiggles on :

I'z iz a mainz0r. I tak j0re isk to da bank ! WORD!!!

Buy isk from me, 50mil for 99 centz. I haz a bucket.

ZGhostZ on :

Well nice guide only a couple off problems. Well i do some mining once in a while and specially for that i have a second account that i pay for. You feel the ironie it has nearly a identical name as my first char, also the only thing you see this do is fly in get the stuff out the can and fly back to a station because my hulk is T2 all the way it has a full haul waiting the moment it gets back. Also it happens to be that i am in a corp with a couple off friends we just want to have some fun together. The bid about you carrying mining drone 's and not attack drone 's give 's away the fact that your not a real miner. Even my Hulk cannot stand the dmg off 3 like frigs forever so i need them to keep the rats off my back and my second char. Also identify them by the way they speak english seems a bid strange dont you think couse not all people speak english as thier native language, i am dutch for instance and speak fairly good english but i know some people that ar barely understandeble.

Your ways off identifying macro miners has allot off hole 's that need to be plugged. Dont get me wrong i am not a fan off macro mining couse i do everything manual but people ar gonna get hurt if they follow this guide that have nothing to do with it.

IPXWhitetiger on :

Interesting information in this post, I am very new to eve online and started playing same time as a friend. now been playing for about a month now i have got the skills to use the mining barge and my friend has the skills for the Industrail ships with large cargo space so we team work i mine he hauls. in 0.9 sector giant container out for me to fill up and for him to haul until we got attacked in what we thought was a safe zone people are using these methods to get the right to attack newbie players

happend to us in ships in a safe zone 0.9 and in ships that only have mining lasers. we where easy targets.

Player who attacked us might have thougt we where macro mining i don't know. Ship bumping well we have had this done to us alot as well but as new players we wondered what the hell they where doing how the hell we to know they are after a responce untill u come across posts like this one.

and to the responce below

"Users are all in newbie corps for at least one month. Sometimes I see these guys have been in noob corporations for six months, 8, 10, or a whole year. Now what kind of Eve player would stay in the noob corp for a whole year? And why is this character mining low end materials in high sec. Surely after a year a player would have a great skill set and could fly battleships, and if they wanted to mine and make money they would join a 0.0 corp and mine high end minerals all day long."

ever though that some people might not want to join a corp, but may try to start thier own corp like myself and it takes alot of isk and time gone to low sectors u last 15 seconds in 1 month of playing this game i been attacked and and my ship destroyed 5 times and unless u have loads of members to go mining in low sectors u don't have a chance so your only choice is to mine in 1.0 - 0.5 sectors and now people are not even safe in these sectors any more. and being attacked and having cargo nicked just because people are going to think we are now macro miners and we are not.

How ever i do not agree with any form of macro mining and isk selling and it is a problem but eve online team should deal with this problem and not players as they are getting it wrong and abusing the loop holes in this system and newbie players like myself are paying the price.

sorry for any bad spelling and punctuation

Senthil on :

Good write up. It was getting boring day after day while my mates and I mining low sec roids.

Several attempts by people who read this write up who took all your suggesions here. All died (lost their ships, we did not pod kill) in the attempt, including the 3 from the same corp.

Keep up the crusade against miners. We need the break from the boredom.

WA Dragon on :

your comments are mostly wrong in how to find macros, first of all its totally out dated. Macros don't go around in large packs any more unless they are macroing in 0.0. I bet this post got a lot of innocent miners popped or hassled by dumb ass pirates congrats for that.

The whole thing is a bit noobish in its approach to seeking out macros, all that is required is a little common sense.

But what really makes me laugh is your doing the job of CCP who made you sheriff of dodge city, posts such as this just make the lives of genuine miners hell. A pirate who think he has found a macro will continue to pester the inocent miner long after its discovered the pirate was wrong and the miner is genuine. Will you people back off and let CCP do the job properly.


You just provoke more hassle against miners with stuff like this in the post before mine they guy says "Keep up the crusade against miners. We need the break from the boredom."

Well done for helping the would be ass holes in the game feel a little bit better for hassling innocent miners you give conviction to their retardedness.

JaNkz on :

This is a Terrible guide on how to Identify Macro miners.. First of all Half the shit you claim is an identifier of a Macro/Farmer is the same shit every miner in this game does.. I have 2 accounts, I mine with both.. When the can is full, I have one of them go dock and then haul it in... I'm not in a huge 0.0 corp so I stay in high sec, I still make decent money.

I play this game off and on.. Sometimes I wont play for 6-8 months at a time. So my history shows I've been in NPC corps for those periods of time when I wasn't playing..

I think you're guide is a really good way to turn casual and newer players away from the game by showing them just how retarded people like yourself can be sometimes.

Moon on :

And see... I dissagree with you. I'm a miner and a hauler with two separate accounts, but I am not in a noob corp and neither am I a noob. I have my retriever poppin rods and my mammoth hauling.

If someone comes bump me in 0.5 then I "start conversation" with them. If someone steals my ore? Welp... I "Start Conversation" with them. If the ass takes my ore and heads out, then I call my corp or move on if no one is around.

Chances are most people that are legit miners can get left alone in high sec by just "STARTING CONVERSATION" ... try it. Be social in an MMO. My thoughts... and I've been mining for a while and I've actually never been bothered.

Anonymous on :

I agree

Pirate Killer on :

This looks like nothing but a post to target miners and destroy their chance at making some money. Granted Macro-Miners are out there... But most macro-miners these days dont use several ships anymore.

I also use 2 accounts, and I Mine in high-Sec. some people may think that's newbish for a player who's been active for 2 1/2 years. But my 3 billion in the bank would suggest otherwise. But here's a tip on how to deal with pirates in high-Sec. Most pirates will try to can flip. There is a very easy way to deal with can flippers.

Dealing with a can flipper is easy, on your miner you should be using a hulk. NEVER engage combat with your hulk, it's not worth the loss, or risk of a loss. The ship you're going to risk is your transport ship. I will fill up my hulk with ore, until it's almost full... I'll drop the ore then instantly pick it up with my transport ship. I'll do this until my transport ship is full, even if a pirate is standing by generally i always get the ore before he does because he doesn't know when I'm going to drop it.

Where I mine I have to make afew jumps to drop my ore into a station, because of this there's a period of time where i have to leave some ore in a can for a pirate to flip.. Most pirates roll around in frigates or very cheap cruisers because they are a custom to getting their asses handed to them by a real fighter pilot. My point with that is they aren't packing a lot of fire power. Or space to steal your ore.

Once you come back with your transport ship, simply warp to your miner, pick up your hard earned ore from the pirates can, and warp away. He wont have the fire power to destroy your transport ship before you warp out. Now this is important. I use a mastodon transport ship, it has a +2 Warp strength, combining that with 2 Warp stabs they wont prevent you from warping with a frig/cruiser class ship. With this tactic, I can freely jump in, take afew hits, then get out before my shields are below 60%. Eventually the Pirate miners will just leave..

If they dont leave, and they bring in more of their friends. Simply gather up your ships, and leave to another spot for awhile. But most of the time pirates fly solo, and not with heavy ships. So this tactic will work majority of the time to keep your mining operations active, with no downtime.

Endo on :

so farming is bad? all corps farm for ore, thats a normal part of the game. how else are we supposed to pay for poses and corp stuff...? i mine with my corp in groups all the time. i am sick of stupid players coming along and accusing us of being farmers or macroers. farming is what ccp intended. all your doing is harassing us for playing normally. myself i dont care if people macro because if they weren't around the ingame economy would suck. why do you think ore is so insanely expensive for a while after a new big release comes out. because macroers have to retool before they can macro farm. i don't like having to pay 80isk for 1 unit of tritanium thank you...

Medve666 on :

The thing that this "help" does is mainly justifying the acts of a can flipper.

And in response to that idiotism "crusade against miners" or something: Imagine, no miners ingame, you have what you want. No manufacturing, and no shiny high tech pvp-stuff for you pirates. Miners are the real hard workers not those who wait patiently hours to steal it.

Also no, mining in low sec is not typical of people. We have hulks, orca-s and BC-s + BS-s to protect them but we still never go out to low sec. Any seasoned miner knows that Veldspar is the best in ISK/m3 until Gneiss, which is in 0.0. For a 0.0 op, we'd need a whole fleet, half of which just standing guard, and the other half mining. We have to pay the defenders and also need a lot of volunteers for such ops.

Temujin on :

quote: Users are all in newbie corps for at least one month.

Generalization (wrong by default). I've never been in a corp.

quote: The characters they play will have weird names.

Wrong. Most macroers don't sell isk and play the game for fun.

quote: Lots of Retrievers, or Coveters being used to mine low end minerals.

There's no reason why a macro miner would mine low end minerals. Your making these points up now.

I'm guessing you've never used a mining bot. Because of this you have no idea how they operate and therefore no idea how to identify them.

Even if you did, by chance obviously, manage to find one, stealing his ore or blowing him up makes no difference to him as he most probably has a few billion in the bank. You're better off telling your mummy XD.

See how they're completely not what you think:

Doggieville Pooch on :

Awful, awful article. I'll just reiterate what's already been said - this give far too many false positives, as the identification methods also identifies lone miner/manufacturer/traders as macro miners.

I was a little confused though - with this site being called 'Eve-Pirate' and all, exactly where do pirate scum get off judging anyone? Pirates are way above macro miners in term of ruining people's enjoyment of the game!

Maybe there's some strange hierarchy amongst the dregs of the Eve universe.

On the whole though - this article needs taking down - it's far too out of date and can cause grief to innocent players.

David blame on :

bad artical. But i like to gank carebear miners regardles.

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