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Honor? Sportsmanship? Not with this corp.

This has been a banner month so far for my corp, The Really Awesome Players, call sign TRAPS. I accepted my first initiate into the corp folds, our first outing together we dropped a Navy Raven belonging to a macro/pharmer along with almost 500mil in loots, and I have been getting into some good scraps.

There are some really cool corps out there. Like the one guy in the story I posted about how I war dec'd. He was totally cool, paid the surrender offer and is civil and friendly in all our conversations since. He even helped kill the Navy Raven. He is a good sport.

Then there are the bad corps out there. I am not sure if this is a bad corp, or just a large group of bad people in a good corp. You decide.....
Two days I saw a guy from 420th Special Operations, call sign 420TH, mining in Tash. I swing my Thorax around and put the pedal to the metal and swap cans. Of course this makes him slightly annoyed. He warned the local denizens that there was an ore thief out and about in the belts. I quickly haul his ore and forget about him as I've already moved on to my next victim.

Then last night I see him mining again. So I start flying towards him and his cans. Just before I get there several of his corpmates come out of warp. There is a Thorax, Vexor, Ferox and I think one other one came as well in a Destroyer of some sort. There was also another guy I had ganked from a different corp there crying to me and threatening me.

So I sit there. The miner leaves. Everyone else is flying around me, ramming me and such. I toss out a few cans. No reaction. So I go afk a bit.

[ 2006.08.17 00:36:06 ] Syringe > now if you could kindly warp off and leave our miners be
[ 2006.08.17 00:36:48 ] Nexa Necis > no thanks

I come back they are still there. I message the Vexor pilot.

[ 2006.08.17 00:55:44 ] Nexa Necis > just wondering if anyone was gonna loot my can for a 1 vs 1 or else im gonna head out for dinner for a bit
[ 2006.08.17 00:55:57 ] Sunei > yep lets go

So he loots a can the same time Bread Crumb in his Ferox loots another can. I decided to take out the Ferox first. I engage him and proceed to fight for my life. It was a very exciting fight. It was right down to the wire. Just as his ship exploded I had about 20% structure left. Close call!

Just as his ship pops, several other people fired on me trying to take me out before Concord could stop them. They were not sucessful. I know Syringe was one of the people who agressed. There was at least 1 more, possibly 2 others who fired as well.

Even with that, I still offered my congrats in local, with an admonishment about not honoring a 1 vs 1.

[ 2006.08.17 01:01:21 ] Nexa Necis > concord FTW
[ 2006.08.17 01:01:30 ] Syringe > yeah...I got bored :-(
[ 2006.08.17 01:01:37 ] Syringe > stupid ADD
[ 2006.08.17 01:01:58 ] Nexa Necis > excellent fight though Breadcrumb
[ 2006.08.17 01:02:40 ] Nexa Necis > not nice to not honor a 1 vs 1 though
[ 2006.08.17 01:07:53 ] Nexa Necis > still, a very close fight, very exciting.

Unfortunately my FRAPS was screwed up and it didn't take any screenies. =( So Syringe convos me.....

[ 2006.08.17 01:02:44 ] Syringe > :-) well done
[ 2006.08.17 01:03:03 ] Nexa Necis > uncool about the gank though
[ 2006.08.17 01:03:29 ] Syringe > meh...we kinda wanna get across that the 420th supports all it's members
[ 2006.08.17 01:03:45 ] Syringe > even the idiot miners who are mining in TMP without secure cans >_<
[ 2006.08.17 01:03:46 ] Nexa Necis > i hear ya
[ 2006.08.17 01:03:50 ] Nexa Necis > but its gonna look bad
[ 2006.08.17 01:04:05 ] Syringe > how so?
[ 2006.08.17 01:04:34 ] Nexa Necis > cause most corps, even pirate corps look down upon those who dont honor 1 vs 1
[ 2006.08.17 01:04:36 ] Syringe > ...and said miner has been talked to
[ 2006.08.17 01:04:40 ] Nexa Necis > np
[ 2006.08.17 01:04:59 ] Nexa Necis > you guys are cool just would hate to have issues and such
[ 2006.08.17 01:05:32 ] Syringe > yeah...well, I'm gonna sit here and enjoy my global countdown...have fun
[ 2006.08.17 01:05:47 ] Nexa Necis > hehe

So I figure we are all cool now. Fun and excitement to be had by all, even Concord.

Shortly after the fight, I send a mail to Bread Crumb offering congrats as I think he left the system and didn't see it in local. I also asked if he had some screenshots by chance since my FRAPS broke. He said he had no screenshots, but would like a rematch at some point. I told him fine, no problem, just tell me when you want to go again.

So today he convos me and wants to tango. Sounds good to me.

But he has some stipulations to the engagement....

[ 2006.08.17 23:18:39 ] Nexa Necis > yeah loot my can again, and we go at it just like yesterday.
[ 2006.08.17 23:18:49 ] Bread Crumb > ok
[ 2006.08.17 23:18:56 ] Bread Crumb > we having a starting distance?
[ 2006.08.17 23:19:50 ] Nexa Necis > 5k is fair for me if you so desire
[ 2006.08.17 23:20:07 ] Bread Crumb > lol right in range of your nos?
[ 2006.08.17 23:20:14 ] Nexa Necis > or your web
[ 2006.08.17 23:20:21 ] Nexa Necis > which gets you out of trouble hehe
[ 2006.08.17 23:20:23 ] Bread Crumb > no webs
[ 2006.08.17 23:20:29 ] Bread Crumb > or AB
[ 2006.08.17 23:20:41 ] Nexa Necis > 10k work then?
[ 2006.08.17 23:20:48 ] Bread Crumb > yeah sure

I even give him the option of fighting to structure or death.....

[ 2006.08.17 23:25:01 ] Nexa Necis > fight to the death or you wanna go structure?
[ 2006.08.17 23:25:14 ] Bread Crumb > up to you
[ 2006.08.17 23:25:28 ] Nexa Necis > you wanted the rematch you choose?
[ 2006.08.17 23:25:36 ] Bread Crumb > alright then death

So I warp in and drop a can, then fly out 10k away from it. He loots it and we start going at it.

He's prepared for me as I haven't changed my previous setup. He's got medium smartbombs and he's firing FoF missles at me. The FoF's and his SB's are damaging my drones quite a bit. Eventually though he starts to run out of capacitor and his shields are dropping ever so fast.

Just as his structure is about to give out, he aligns and warps out. Tsk, tsk, tsk......

I again admonish him for lack of honor and sportsmanship. Here is his excuse.....

[ 2006.08.17 23:35:46 ] Bread Crumb > ahhhh good fight
[ 2006.08.17 23:35:59 ] Bread Crumb > cant beat ya tho
[ 2006.08.17 23:36:05 ] Nexa Necis > you guys have no honor
[ 2006.08.17 23:36:09 ] Nexa Necis > this is gonna be posted
[ 2006.08.17 23:36:12 ] Bread Crumb > guess not
[ 2006.08.17 23:36:40 ] Bread Crumb > im sorry if i dont wanna waste more money than you already cost me
[ 2006.08.17 23:37:04 ] Nexa Necis > but you were more than willing to cost me money. youre an embarrasment
[ 2006.08.17 23:37:19 ] Bread Crumb > well im sorry to embarass you?
[ 2006.08.17 23:37:47 ] Nexa Necis > no just yuo and your corp
[ 2006.08.17 23:38:41 ] Bread Crumb > ahhh well you gotta figure this, you are obviously more advanced and more experienced than me, it was mostly out of anger that i challenged you again
[ 2006.08.17 23:39:12 ] Bread Crumb > so im sorry for wasting your time with my stupidity
[ 2006.08.17 23:39:20 ] Nexa Necis > dont worry

The funny thing is he is the corps security specialist! The one pilot who I know for sure got Concorded is a Special Operations Commander.

So once again it's the non-pirate corp that has no honor or sportsmanship. It's funny because all the pirates I run into are always cool. It's the non-pirate crowd that seems to have no honor, class or sportsmanship. They ask for 1 vs 1, yet they never honor them. They ask to fight to the death but warp out before exploding. So far this corp is par for the course as far as my experiences go.

So if you're in the Tash area and see the 420TH corp, do not accept any 1 vs 1 offer with them if you're looting their cans, and fit 4 points of scramming if they loot you cans. :-)


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flashfresh on :

Cool story and those guys are lame. Have met them a few times and not been too impressed.

That guy the security officer? Ach.

Keirez on :

Once again, the pirates are not the bad guys.

JVN2 on :

Well I have met pirates that get up to similar tricks.

And mercs.. and carebears...

Heck theres bad apples everywhere. ;-)

Besides you are the bad guy always cos your a nasty, ebil pie-rat :-D

Anonymous on :

got bump?

freaky on :

It's especially funny when you consider this is part of their corps bio in game.....

"420th Special Operations:
We hold true to our word, and will not fail our

Hold true to their word? They're 0 for 2 in my book on that one hehe.

kenz on :

why do you have lasers on a rax?

Trask Gruder on :

Well I can't disagree with any of you and I'm a member of the 420th all I can say is this is just embarrassing. But on the behalf of the 420th we are all not like that in fact the leader Major Pothead sent a corp mail to the members about this action and asked all involved to leave within one week or be kicked. Which I had no idea what happend besides them saying some pirate was trying to steal ore in tash and they attacked them, had I known, I would of taken action sooner to prevent this bullshit, and to our surprise more then half the members have left in fact there are less then a handful left. They need to learn not to hate but respect pirates, if pirates didn't exist in Eve, Eve would be boring there would be nothing at all to do. And about the honor part Nexa Necis if you would like a legit 1v1 talk to me I'll fight to the death and will not warp out. Infact you can have a second player warp scram me so I can't warp out and I'll let him test beforehand to make sure he can scram me. I know that the actions of the corporation itself effect the integrity of the coprporation and these members have been removed for their actions. You can damn well be sure we will have a more strict recruiting program going on before we enlist any more members. The 420th have been filtered out and are back in business. See you guys in Eve. E-mail me or eve-mail me with any questions or comments, My eve name is Trask Gruder, my E-mail is

freaky on :

Well I spoke with Syringe and we came up with a decent surrender offer and it's all been smoothed out.

I was bummed I couldn't score any kills, then again, you can't kill those that won't undock.

But your CEO did apologize, and he did forwarded the emails he sent to your corp. So it's all good.

Hopefully the people you axed from your corp learned a bit about sportsmanship. :-)

SageNTitled on :

Nice story.

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