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EVE-Pirate keeps growing!'s first birthday on 9th of june went by unnoticed but I'd still like to say thanks to you all out there! Every supporter and visitor of eve-pirate counts in making the dominating (evil)eve-fansite out there ;-)

From the start we've had a uniqure approach as a fansite of EVE-Online. The focus has always been piracy and crime in EVE. Now it's time for a new year, and the entire EVE-Pirate author-staff hope you will continue to enjoy reading EVE-Pirate!


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JVN2 on :

Happy birthday!!!!!

Amanda Broookshire on :

Hey, remember me? I'm back in Eve. Might think about going ratting with you guys again. WoR still around?

-Amanda Broookshire

Aertaka on :

Old friends are the spice of life :-)

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