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When revenge goes wrong

The title almost makes me think of one of those TV shows where they show clips of some things going wrong. When Police Chases go wrong!

Anyway, a few days ago I decided to have an easy day and not move too far around. A mission runner, who is a regular around an area I patrol, jumped into a system I was currently in. This person usually flies a domi and uses instas through the gates. We've tried to catch her before but she always has stabs. I was waiting for my wingman to get ready to move out for a small trip around when she turns up at the station I was outside in an iteron mk5 and not on instas. Obviously being the helpful "asset relocation" technician that I am, I had to help her relocate those assets. 2 volleys from my Megathron class battleship and the iteron mk5 was in flames and the pod ejecting from the flaming wreckage. Unfortunately the pod escaped with no time to spare. The lock had engaged but it warped just as the weapons engaged to fire. My initial suspicion of stabs was confirmed by the CONCORD mail. THREE stabs fitted. Nothing really nice as loot but that wasn’t the point, I had finally caught this person and without the need of a scrambler.

I thought that was the end of the story. I was slightly disappointed at not getting the pod because I was slow in locking it. I decided to dock and wait off the flag and when that was over I undocked and started armor repping.

Once that was finished who did I see jump into local, but the same mission runner. This time she had returned in her domi. A quick review of her guns and I saw some large rails and what looked like medium or even small rails, no nos. Excellent, I thought, she is back to seek revenge. I decided to play with her a bit using a shuttle which did annoy her. I knew she was sitting within docking range and would run if the fight was going badly but that’s when things changed. She had put her drones out. Seeing a way to keep her from docking, I instadocked and grabbed my fairly new Scorpion class battleship. I undocked and waited for her to aggro on me. No such luck. I knew it was unlikely but it would have been nice.

It was then that a friend undocked in his raven and decided to shoot her. I thought she would dock right away but her drones had time to aggro on my friends raven. This is when I opened fire since I knew she wasn’t docking. Those drones were recalled very fast indeed but she would not survive the docking timer. She attempted to warp when she was reaching low armor but a thorax had bumped her and she did not have a chance to align. Once again her pod ejected from the flaming wreckage of the Dominix battleship. I did not have time to lock the pod once again and she escaped. My initial assessment of the setup was confirmed, medium and large rails. Amazingly, I saw no stabs but I did see ECM jammers with a software configuration for my Megathron class battleship. The loot wasn’t great but there were a couple of named t1 guns and some t2 armor related modules.

I haven’t seen her since.


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Thrak Mors'Orkas on :

I was the friend in the Raven. As always my Raven was mega-tanked. At that time I could tank the sentry guns for 8 mins before damage would bleed through to my armor. I remember her going down quickly and her damage was truly pathetic. She should have docked. lol

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