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The rape of Amamake

Ahhhh, glorious Amamake. One of the most cut throat systems in the Eve universe. Pirates preying on other pirates and the occasional hapless newb. I ran across both types last night in scoring a good haul. I was in my Thorax and my tackler was in a Punisher. First victim of the night was a Stabber equipped with a bunch of shiny T2 components. I didnt exactly mean to kill him. I meant to ransom him instead. The problem was he died a bit too quickly.

Our next victim we came across was a pirate from the corp Mafia in a Maller. She refused to pay the ransom and so I blew her to hell. Unfortunatly she managed to tag my partner in crime. I figured my night was pretty much done.

Enter the anti pirate. There is a certain anti pirate who roams in that area whom I have tangled with many times and have talked with a few as well. I am not going to name names here as I dont want anyone getting in trouble. Anywayz, I am sitting in my safe spot when I see his claw warp in at 350 km away and start heading towards me. I warp to a planet and he follows but a string of quick warps takes me away from him.

We start talkin and he mentions how little money the anti pirating is making him. I have a pirate to anti pirate heart to heart with him and he agrees to head out with me and we can see what we can come up with.

As we were sitting at the planet talking a Maller appears 30km from us and flees after seeing us. We chase him down and manage to scramble him before he can get away again. We cleaned up on a 6 mil ransom and he went on his way and my partner gets 3 mil in his account just like that.

And so a new potential pirate is born.

I am a bad influence. heh heh


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Ander on :

Good post :-)
I cheated a bit and made it seem like this post was posted yesternight. ;P
Need at least one post per day... but I was .. err.. drunk ;D

Anonymous Anti-Pirate on :

We will see ;-)

cmi on :

hm... a anti-pirate who ransoms "innocent"? doesn't sound anti-pirating to me.

Ander on :

Was he from Ushra'Khan? :-P

Primarch on :

lol the maller u ransomed was me, though i actually didnt realise it was u untill i read this blog. was fun for all i think (except my wallet) :-P :):)

Kumquat on :

Why did ya warp to that planet anywayz, or not warp to a station while we chased ya? Ya might not have been ransomed then.

Was fun though. You had a nice armor tank going.

Tanthius on :

Re: The Stabber
They have a tendency to do that when they get pinned down. Speed is what keeps the Stabber alive.

Primarch on :

yah thanks, ive had a few comments about my tank actually, im pretty pleased with it.

i was gunna attack you guys! (why i warped to the planet) i warped to the belt afterwards and then was gunna warp back, but u jumped me first (the damn NPC's in the belt started shooting at me and i got distracted).

Kumquat on :

When pirates stalk each other. heh

Desolatus on :

That was a good night. ;-)

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