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Damn C**k Tease.

So theres ALWAYS this one guy who always pops by. His name is Guks and he is a c**k tease. He will warp all around, use wcs, shoot at you with sniper cruise raven etc. He always just slips through our fingers but we have gotton him numerous times. This time, I made sure he wasnt gonna go anywhere. I flew my ishtar with 3x 7.5k scrams. 6 warp str, no way he's getting away. He warps from SS to a gate, then back,. Numerous times as different SS's. We finally get to a position where we can warp on him. I warp to Alarik Semler at 80km. BLAM! almost on him, 16km away! I truck towards him as fast as i can... I get within 9km and he warps off to gate. I follow! warp to gate at 15km. Everyone follows He's gonna go down! I land on him, lock and scram. My Ishtar has a nice tank, but not nice enough to tank two sentries and a raven. (Everyone else he shot at with his cruise misiles heh). Scrams on, hardeners on. 14 heavy drones attack, armor rep on. He's going down, but so am I. He gets into armor! I'm at 1/3 armor. Slowly I am kreeping towards structure. He Finally pops by the time I just get into 99% structure. A good day, we got that cock tease. Unfortunately for me, i lost money. All 14 of my heavy drones were killed by gate guns, and Guks had a crappy t1 fitting :-( .


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Guks on :

I remember that, good times.

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