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Winners of the Tyrannis competition

I'm happy to be able to announce the winners of the / CCP Games Tyrannis competition!

Winner: To gank, or not to gank - that is the question
Author: Arden

Second prize: Abandon ship
Author: Firehaven314

Third prize: Mistakes and lessons learned
Author: Seligas

Winners will recieve the following from CCP (applied soon, contact Ander if you dont recieve any plex):
1st place 4 PLEX
2nd place 3 PLEX
3rd place 2 PLEX

Runner up: war and peace
Author: Lord Abako
Runner up will recieve 1 Plex from me personally (or equivilent ISK) :-)

(Remember, PLEXES can now be dropped ;-) don't get ganked while carrying these in your ship!)


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Arden on :

say WHAT??
ok, i did not expect this

Lord Abako on :

Huh, I thought I might have done better. O well still got a PLEX :-) Congrats to Arden, Firehaven314, and Seligas!

And Ander, if you wouldn't mind, I'll just take the ISK instead of an actual PLEX. Thanks man.

Arden on :

tbh, I fully expected you to take first prize without even breaking a sweat.
that was pure nexa necis style entertainment

StovAkor on :

If Abako had posted his story before the competition was over, he very well may have. :-) And if I may say so, that story was way better than at least 95% of what nexa came out with. Most of Nexa's stories went on and on and ON with ass loads of chat logs that, in my opinion, made the story boring. Abako I think told it right. Plenty of dialague but not so much that the story stalled. Bravo Abako. Lookin forward to your next story.

StovAkor on :

Oh and congrats to all the winners of the competition.

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