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Day 9 of piracy

9 Days old, im getting more and more pleased with what a young toon can do. The last few days iv done another few attemts to ransom people, but without big luck really, only a few kills instead.

This morning, i flipped a retriver.. He didnt engage, darn.. Oh but a hurricane showed up from another corp, but with more or less the same name. Ah must be the main of the retriver.

He flipped the can back.. Doh, the toon was over 1 year old, that could only mean bad business, well i really didnt have much to lose so i engaged.

Man, a cane on range hit hard on a rifter and i was both scrammed and webbed so my speed wernt that great. I was just hopping to get within tracking range of his autoconnons. With most of my shield gone, he started missing.

Phyyy, i was shaking like never before, waiting for him to release his most likely warrior IIs.. weird no drones..

As i was really slowly eating trough his shield, the retriver desided to engage with his drones.. Hornets.. I quickly took them out 1 by one turning my web and guns on the drones. As i was about to engage the retriver also, it managed to warp out.

I turned focus back to the cane, still shaking. with really low skills about 450k sp now, i should be more than lucky to take down a 1 year old cane. His shield went down, and i started pounding the armor. No way i would be able to break an armor tank on a cane doing 30 damage per hit.

To my supprise i saw the armor slowly dropping. After pounding the cane for like 10 min, the retriver returned and again released his drones on me. Oh man, once more i had to turn focus on drones and take them down fast. They did manage to get into my armor before i managed to take them out. I quickly tried to lock the retriver, but again he managed to warp out.

After another 10-15 min of pounding this cane, he finally got into hull...

HA!! Ransom time, man this must sad for him, getting a ransom from a 9 days old.

Oh wait.. WHAT!!!

The guy is not in local anymore, but still here scrammed... Bummer the dude had locked out of game. Ah well nothing else i could do than blow him to pices.

I went to loot his wreck, looking forward to see this poor fit. WOW pure T2. The loot along brought in over 10 mill isk. Not bad for a 9 day old.

But yes the fit was really pore, you can find it on battleclinic.

Looking forward, for more Yarrrs in the upcomming days

Rifter fit used:
3x 150mm ac 1
1x Warp scram 1
1x Web 1
1x ab 1
1x small armor repair 1
1x Damage control 1
1x Overdrive injection 1


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