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First Attempt At Piracy - Success!

I decided to fit out a Rifter with a cookie-cutter build and go cruising around low-sec looking for a fight. I found one. While jumping through the asteroid belts in a 0.4 system, I encountered some wrecks. Checking the ownership details, I found out whose wrecks they were and that this pilot was still in local! So I kept jumping through the belts, this time moving more quickly, and after three or four more jumps I found him! He was piloting a Vexor ratting the belts with T1 light scout drones and T1 medium scout drones.

Since it was my first time out and I've only been playing EVE for about three weeks now, I was slightly intimidated by the idea of fighting the Vexor and all the drones at the same time but I decided to do it anyways. It'd be good experience regardless of the outcome.I quickly moved in, afterburner blazing, while the Vexor pilot simply looted his wrecks; didn't he notice me?

Once I made it within range, I activated my scrambler and stasis webifier and quickly started orbiting at 500m. Within moments his shields were going down under the combined firepower of three 150mm autocannons and a rocket launcher. However, the Vexor had not yet opened fire or attacked with drones. What was he doing? Did he have a secret weapon? Apparently not because around when I started hitting his armor he finally began attacking me with, if I recall correctly, 250mm railguns which could not hit me. His drones, however, were now attacking me and were eating through my shields rather quickly.

Choosing to forgo targeting the drones in favor or trying to finish the Vexor quickly, I kept all my firepower on the main target and in short order he was into structure. At this point I opened a conversation hoping for a nice ransom to pad my wallet. However the Vexor pilot turned out to be Russian and did not speak English so he did not understand my demands for ISK and I ended up destroying the Vexor in one of the most beautiful explosions I have seen in EVE.

I decided to let the pod go and just go straight for the loot. A decision that probably enabled me to escape with any loot at all because seconds after I had filled my cargohold a battleship warped to zero right on top of me! With my armor and ammo running low, I decided to warp to a nearby planet and then docked at a station to survey my winnings. In total I made over 1.5M from my first kill!

It was a good day and I look forward to more kills, and probably deaths, in the future.



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