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In war, resolution; in defeat, defiance; in victory, magnanimity. Part 2

Be sure to read Part One first!

So Roma got tired of me decing his alt corps and decided to leave his alt in the NPC corps for a few or three weeks.

You know you're fighting a bunch of retards when you start getting emails from people you never met who have also either fought your war targets or people who were friends with them at one point. I was asked to block out the names to save face.

2009.05.11 17:40
They were originally high-sec wardeccers and mercs. While in ********** we worked with them for a while and they seemed like a nice bunch of guys. So our CEO decided to merge them into the corp. They stayed on for 3months, when finally ** had enough and kicked all of them at once ... don't know why but my guess is that his reasons were similar to the reasons you are war-deccing them now - i suspect it was smack.

I don't remember all of them, but i do remember that Roma Johnson was something like their 'oficial spy'. Whenever they wanted to wardecc a corp, Roma would join it himself or with his alts. I wouldn't be surprised if all the corps he has joined before VI were all wardecced at one point by VI.

I don't know how Roma is now, but back then he was really weird; you hear of those guys that will afk 20-30 times an industrial in times of war on the same rout or in the same area, but you never really believe it untill you see it.

Xanatia has an alt, not sure if it's similarly named, or if it's in VI, but he uses it a lot.

I would like to ask you not to put screenshots of this convo on your future story. I had great fun in ***********, it was one of the best corps i was in, and i have very fond memories of all the guys there; i would like the corp to be remembered - if it is rememberd at all, not for the fact that it once joined with VI ...

GL with your war.

PS: If Xanatia smacks like that ... you are really getting to him, he can usually maintain his cool head.

Judging from this persons email, and the amount of Xanatia's smack, he must have been having a nervous breakdown. After reading all of it, the scary thing is, I only posted a very small portion of it and only what I have in my logs. I can't imagine how much more is out there from my guys and the other corps who dec'd them.

I find it amusing that they only had 2 more outgoing wars before running out to low sec mostly. They still can bait in starter systems and beg for 1vs1's a lot in high sec. I laughed when I saw their killboard campaign comment for Maximum Yarrage.

Well, we are popular these days. mercs, or a personal issue, who knows, who cares. Maximum Yarrage proved they were smack talkers of astounding skill, if they were half that good at fighting, we'd have been in trouble.

Pot. Kettle. Black. Nuff said! They are now "hard core" low sec PvP'ers I guess. Of course they still complain every chance they get when they die. So if they're fighting 4vs2 they call it a blob. LOL! :-)

dengen on Friday 3rd Jul 05:49
blob ftw

They also complain that their "friends" in low sec don't offer much help and let them die.

Breanna B on Sunday 28th Jun 01:18
Had seph's hype down to 40% hull...... and we were opn the very edge of the dock ring.... and the 1 friendly cap outside cant use cap rr.... no comment.

If you're looking for a smack talking Euro alliance to dec who are extremely mature, who have a pair, who use Vent, who have 5-10 million SP, who help with PvP tactics and ship fits, I can highly recommend these guys. They're easy to find. Just look up your local stations shit pipe and there they shall be.

When I get bored I like to throw a few decs against the pharmer corps out there. They're way easy to spot. They have names like "Your Choose" and "My Choose" and they tend to be in small corps in/around mission hubs, and rarely have a corp bio.

We were full with decs so I dec'd them on an alt. Usually they leave corp almost immediately but this time they decided to stay. I managed to kill a CNR filled with 250mil worth of loots. After that the active players all quit corp.

So this got me thinking and I decided to check up on some of our old war targets who were Japanese pharmers who joined the Izanagi alliance for protection. So I put an alt into their pub channel and got some intel. I wrote down all the corps in the pub channel who were not allianced. We dec'd a corp called "kenkyu unso monodukuri anahori". That's a mouthful!

I had a theory that I wanted to prove. I bet that if we and our friends/alt's dec'd these random Jap corps they would all join into Izanagi alliance. At first, it seemed like they would be up for a bit of the old pew pew pew.

Their fits seemed ok. It was the typical trimarked, remote rep, neut and never leave undock range setups. Though I don't get the rails on the Domi. If you're set up for RR, and you're fighting on station undocks, better to have blasters one would think.

We hit 5 kills and they ran into the alliance. Guess what? So did all the other corps we had our alts/friends dec!

Notice Runners High, Clorets XP, and kenkyu unso monodukuri anahori constantly join, leave, rejoin? Notice how they do it within 2 days? What's that mean? EXPLOIT! It was petitioned but who knows what the fuck CCP does, if anything. The best part was, I petitioned before the war decs went out, and I told them to watch for it. I was right again! Booyah!

All you have to do is go into their pub channel and dec the non-allianced corps. You're basically guaranteed 2 weeks of cheap war against the entire Izanagi Alliance. Unlike the last time we fought them where they had 40 man gate camps 24/7, this time, only minimal help showed up and none undocked during my play hours. My guys said they tried em a few times but once we got a few kills, it was all dock, all the time. Quite the fun experiment!

We then dec'd a local corp for some fun.

What happened next was one of the quickest mass exoduses from a corp we have seen from a non-pharmer corp!

That's crazy. They immediately started making splinter corps which made me have to post in the Eve-O forums asking for help to dec them since CCP refuses to give us more than 3 dec slots. They jumped back out, sat in a npc corp, waited a bit and rejoined after we stopped decing them.

It seems they have a history of running.

Lot's of quit/rejoin type things. So we have friends who are watching them, and who will dec them for a while to harass the shit out of them for us. We appreciate the help guys!

One of their bios was absolutely laughable.

Says the man sitting in an NPC corp for almost a month. I didn't know NPC corps recruited. :-) TRAPS is one of the biggest recruiters for them then I think! They just started rejoining R.A.A.F. again so dec's are in process as we speak. That says a lot about their corp. They're bragging that people dec them thinking they are carebears and they make the enemy submit and leave in a shuttle, yet they quit corp and never fired a shot! False advertising. These guys definitely don't have "a pair" so they're shit out of luck if they want to join FedRep. Actually, I am sure FedRep would make an exception for them. ;-)

Do you remember our old friend Seykachu? Well it seems he decided to get back into Eve after a few months of inactivity. He started up a new corp, randomly recruiting random people. So once it got filled up a bit, we dec'd him. Of course he immediately ran into an alliance named White Core.

I advised them that this is a bad thing for them. I am guessing either they speak no English or they just didn't care or feel threatened in the least. After a few days of kicking their asses, they kick Seykachu's corp from the alliance but we keep them dec'd a while just to make sure they get their moneys worth. 1.4 billion worth of ISK lost in materials alone, nevermind the non-stop station interior watching which gives them 0 ISK.

This seemed to be the typical alliance. Lot's of clueless people in it apparently. This guy made us laugh after we killed his Apocalypse while missioning.

He then immediately ran into another alliance right after that. I am not sure what the recruiting standards these alliances have, but it's not all that great. Especially when you email the diplomat of the alliance, explain to them about Seykachu, link the stories, show the screenies and deliver the news that a dec is going to come their way if they don't boot him and then all they do is ignore you. Either that, or 10 different people convo you, asking the same questions, which obviously means there is very limited internal communications happening.

So he joined Externus Hostis. I emailed them the usual info on Seykachu. One guy invites me to a convo with a few others. I link the stories, explain why he was booted from White Core, etc, etc. They say, "Ok, we will get back to you." and never do. So I put the vote in. Another guy emails me asking me the same shit, so I refer him back to his alliancemates. Then yet another guy emails me....

2009.06.04 18:34
It has come to my attention that you have a disagreement with someone who has recently joined Externus Hostis. Although I do not know the particulars, I can understand that fueds are formed and enemies are created in Eve Online and we aim to see certain people fail. It's the nature of the game, expecially for those who participate in Player Vs Player combat.
Now this puts me at an awkward position; first, I Literally do not have the power to remove the player in question from the alliance. The man in charge tells me not only would it cause problems but it would lower moral. Second, making enemies right now is not what I want to do, already have enough as it is and my alliance could really use more friends. I am sure that what is between you and the player in my alliance cannot be settled overnight, hell it may never be settled. But what I ask is we come to an agreement, find middle ground if you will. A place where everyone is happy and we all benefit.

I reiterated I already had this discussion and had already explained the options. Either boot Seykachu, or pay up for his misdeeds. I advised we were letting a war lapse then putting through the dec on their alliance. They immediately booted his corp. :-)

Seykachu, once again feeling down, quit corp and closed up shop. He went through 8 corps including 6 alliances before giving it a rest this time. Just before saying goodbye, he sent me an email.

That's classic. He's telling me I am KOS to many many people now because he spread the word about me. Wow. He has done what 3 years of Empire wars hasn't I guess. He will always be in my "people to kill" folder since he provides so much entertainment between his tears, frustration and joining of retarded alliances who we take to slaughtering easily. Actually, truth be told, he is a friend of ours who infiltrates corps/alliances to get us intel, then we dec them. We kill him to just so we don't blow his cover. For real. :-) Honest! :-)

Remember our old friends Crimson Federation? If not, I suggest you click the link and read it all. They are some of the most idiotic people around. You can catch them lying, dishonoring 1vs1, scamming, griefing newbs, smack talking and being all-around mongoloids at any given time. My story made them extremely visible and believe it or not, people still ask me about them 2 years later.

Not only do people ask me about them, they also send me intel and funny stuff about them. One day I get a email from a stranger. It tells me to check out the Eve-O post about Crimson's latest act of idiocy. It looks like once again they were facing too many opponents for their liking, namely REPO and Duty IIRC from the post. So in order to avoid the war, Crimson had alt corps dec them to drive up the war fees on their opponents.

Once called out by the posted, they admitted to doing that via ignorance, yet now that they are aware of the exploit rule, do they drop the alt wars? Of course not! That would mean people can dec them without paying exorbitant fees. Obviously they are asshats to the core. Nothing has changed in the 2 years since we killed them mercilessly.

Some people actually change for the better after we dec them for a while. I got this message from a corpmate who ran into an old war target of ours.

2008.08.31 09:41
howdie doodie,

was chating to a guy from my last alliance telling him why i had left ect, and asked me to pass on a msg to ya, aparently his corp was an wt to you at one point. he says:

Avathar Dagor > say that he was right
Avathar Dagor > "what doesnt kill you makes you stronger"

I get that every now and again from former targets. Hell, even the targets who smack talked like there was no tomorrow will even convo me months and months later asking to hire us against their foes because we can be such a good pain in the ass to our targets.

We love to war dec smaller corps because sometimes they produce the most tears and get the most butthurt over the war. Regardless of if you kill any of them or not, they really get upset about never being able to undock safely.

We dec'd one of the TMP area corps who were always active around our time. As soon as the war goes in, everyone scatters to Erenta area and no one undocks unless it's a shuttle. So they resort to "striking back" at us the only real way they can. BIO TEARS!

I think this player might be one of Roma's alts judging by the way he spells "challange". Too bad his bio is completely false. We do not pick on industrials exclusively, we have great direction in corp as we've been doing it for 3+ years, our kill record is pretty darn good, in fact it's ranked in the 50's on battleclinic, and TRAPS is a way better name than Tritanium Hawk Metalwerkz. I mean mispelling and adding a z instead of an s IS pretty kick ass but the self-effacing nature of our name is much more clever and our call sign is pretty neato as well. So what if we pick on an "insudtrial" corp as he calls them, we're gonna have fun either way.

I think his CEO might have told him to drop the bio because now he wiped it out and it's blank. We got offered a good deal to dec another corp of griefers so I dropped the Tritainium Hawk dec and had some friends dec them. I don't think they're happy at all.

The next corp we dec'd was Helljumpers. They were harboring an old WT of ours, Rocitman. He was the CEO of a corp we dec'd for 3 months called Article 14 Section 31 which is a reference to a Star Trek somethingorother. They didn't fight much, they eventually jumped ship and had the Civis Romanus Sum guys help them out. You can see the results here.

So we noticed that Rocit would join a new corp, I would fill in the CEO about Rocit, and eventually he would move corps and we do the same again. This time we just dec'd them. I didn't even realize they were a FW corp.

They were pretty competent for the most part and no smack that I could recall. In fact they were quite pleasant and good sports. One of their pilots and I were sparring, neither scoring a kill then we started chatting a bit. He asked why we dec'd them and I told him about Rocitman and he started laughing. He said he didn't know much about him but he didn't care for him.

Unfortunately they were into the FW quite a bit so they were mostly in large FW gangs in FW low sec areas.

and a
We did manage to snag Rocit twice. One Armageddon, a Hound and a pod were slain. My guys tend to get greedy and failed to stick to hit and run, and did a hit and linger and die horribly. After they killed his Geddon, the rest of them set the trap and my guys walked head on into it.

We didn't get to keep the war on them long. Some other people dec'd them like REPO, and once REPO was involved, they had one large fight and Helljumpers were on the losing end and we started seeing less and less of them. We will continue to harass Rocit till he pays up.

With our stories being pretty popular, I had some guy ask to join us after reading them. I remember seeing his name on the forums as a guy who would join a corp, and steal/kill anything he could thus causing a nice influx of tears from people. The thread I remembered his name in was this one.

As I have said in the past, I don't care if spies join us and try to mess with us. We have no corp hangars, gear, POS's, or anything like that. You might be able to scam someone out of something or kill one of us but it likely won't be a big deal. So I let him join. Shortly thereafter, Cody Banks, the idiot who was the OP of that thread convoed me asking me to boot or kill Serg.

People say I take this game too seriously and am way overboard and into it. I don't think so. It's when I read bio's like these that I think, "Wow, this is some fucked up shit right here."

So anyways, he convoes me...

Nexa Necis > sup
Cody Bank > sorry to bother you
Nexa Necis > its ok wassup
Cody Bank > but I got a broblem with one of your corp members, he's new to your corp
Nexa Necis > i know, sergy?
Cody Bank > yep
Cody Bank > how you know
Nexa Necis > i read the thread about the CNR
Nexa Necis > was that you or did you have a diff thread about him
Cody Bank > after my corp and left and did it again and left, now his in your corp
Nexa Necis > yeah we have no hangars and no one trusts anyone until they been here a while
Cody Bank > yes I posted it on the eve forms
Nexa Necis > worst he can do is kill one of us then get booted
Cody Bank > I am second in command of my corp
Cody Bank > i know my corp is still new
Cody Bank > but if i may please ask you one thing
Nexa Necis > ?
Cody Bank > can you please , if I am not out of line
Cody Bank > please remove him from your mighty corp
Nexa Necis > whats in it for me?
Cody Bank > my friendship
Cody Bank > i am sorry
Cody Bank > as we dont know how many times he did it before
Cody Bank > we cant let thiefs and scammers get away with this
Cody Bank > do you agree
Nexa Necis > i dont mind scammers, they just cant do it while in our corp
Cody Bank > I dont think thats fair
Cody Bank > I am asking for your help
Nexa Necis > i think a better bet is to have your alliance dec us
Cody Bank > nope
Cody Bank > I dont start wars
Cody Bank > why would you say that
Nexa Necis > cause i dont kick corpmates for stuff they did prior to us
Cody Bank > do you ever care i am talking to you
Cody Bank > what if he steals in your corp
Cody Bank > I am only looking out for you
Nexa Necis > we dont have hangars, and no one gives new people anything

This guy is completely detached from reality. He is expecting me to care that he is an incredible retard who got easily scammed and lost a ton of cash and now can't figure out why I won't do as he asks.

What a fucking loon.

Hi! You don't know me but I got scammed like nobody's business by a guy who recently joined your corp. I have nothing to offer you, so I request you boot him because he made me butthurt. What? You won't boot him? You are insensitive and your diplomacy skills suck ass. I wish you nothing but the best!

Classic! We didn't get around to decing him yet. He's in an NPC corp currently and he is listed in my "people to kill" folder. By the way, if you don't have a "people to kill" folder, I highly suggest you make one. It's a lot of fun decing people months after you've had some interaction with them. What I do now is add their name, and under the persons notes tab, I add the reason for it. I had a ton of people in it but couldn't remember why I put them there to begin with.

For example, there was this one guy in TMP.....

You gotta love people. They participate in hostile actions and then think "Oh, it's no big deal. I am small potatoes to these guys so I will do what I like and never suffer any repercussions from it." Then they get the war dec and are like, "DUDE! WTF!!!"

So he immediately closed up shop and started joining random corps I guess. He is in one that is allianced at the moment. He is in the "people to kill" folder though so we will visit him again sooner or later.

The guy he mentioned, Lamyah, who was dropping all the cans in TMP slandering us, was also war dec'd by us. We had them dec'd for almost 3 months and then I let it lapse and it got picked up by the corp jumper helpers I recruited.

We did manage to kill Lamyah one last time before letting it drop.....

Considering the massive serving of griefing they had been served up with so far, they were fairly good sports about it all.

When I told the CEO, Chererat that I would continue to dec them via friends and alts, he said it was all good. He honestly was a very good sport about it.

Then you have people like Salfal who are morons. This guy was in a corp we had dec'd in the past called SixSigma Logistics. They ended up surrendering the first time around.

Then I ran into Salfal in wormhole space and tried to kill his Raven and ended up losing an Ishtar. I didn't know that wormhole NPC's swap primaries like sentry guns and when I got nailed by a few BS at close range, I instapopped. One wrecked me for like 2k damage or something insane. So I offered "GF" and he started gloating and being a poor sport about it. So once he started insulting me, I advised him that he broke the terms of the surrender, which are the same for every corp/alliance we fight. Don't commit hostile acts against us such as ninja looting, don't smack talk in game or on the forums and that's pretty much it. I let them know they can kill us if we flip their cans, ninja loot, or see us in low/null sec and we don't count that as a hostile act since in those cases, it's them returning the favor.

He started saying in local how TRAPS dishonors surrender agreements and claims we were paid billions by his CEO to never attack them, harass them or do anything mean to them ever again. Instead of explaining it over and over, I decided to dec them.

We scored a few kills and then he quit corp. I haven't seen him log in since. He is in "the folder" as well. :-)

Sometimes TRAPS gets into trouble. Not with GM's but with my local labor board.

Luckily I didn't fall for their scammage. Trying to get me to pay for free posters! Naughty naughty! I'd dec them if I could.

You ever get this happening to you?

It's always fun when you see 50 people log in or crash simultaneously.

Right now we got 3 wars going but it's been slow so far. One corp joined an alliance, which we are killing but they are having corps defect which we are trying to dec as well. Another corp basically sits cloaked in local mostly and the ones who don't sit cloaked have no clue about war, overview, or local I am guessing.

For example, I get into the system not realizing there was a war target there. I run around trying to see if he's docked, in a belt or missioning. Judging by his age, I guess mining, so I scan the belts and get him in a few minutes. Mind you, he didn't dock, he didn't move when I landed 60k away in his belt. I managed to kill him of course. I sat there with his pod scrammed for about 10 minutes.

His ship was killed over 8 minutes ago. After another 5 minutes or so, he tried to log out, so we popped his pod. Hopefully things pick up in a bit.

You know, I wonder if anyone reads our stories sometimes because on certain stories, there's hardly any remarks in the comment section. Yet I get a ton of email and convoes in game about it. Of course we also get a lot of applications from people. It's funny too because these people claim to be huge fans and just apply without me asking them to so I deny the app. I don't even convo them. I've said it before, if you're accepting apps and not really asking any questions, then you will get shit people most of the time. If they read the stories they should know this.

Sometimes they convo me first and I send an app, they fill it out and immediately reply even though I didn't ask them to. So I deny them as well. It makes me laugh too because they try to explain to me that I told them to apply.

Then they act as if I am the retarded one who can't understand what's going on. If you think just because you fill out an app means I am going to accept you, then you're wrong.

I do enjoy the convoes and emails though.

It definitely motivates me to write new stories. Allow me too toot my own horn and show you what people are saying to me in game....

2009.06.09 17:26
Hi Nexa,
today I read your blog on the internet about your experiences and your views on other players. I thouroughly enjoyed it. I can appraciate your humour and the way you keep reminding the readers its a game. Please keep writing and keep enjoying this wonderful game. And many thanks for a wonderful afternoon of reading :-)

2009.06.29 06:46
Just finished reading both parts of your TRAPS blog. Gave me quite the laugh ;-)

2009.01.07 09:47
Hello Nexa,

I just wanted to say i am a huge fan of your writings on Eve Pirate and the way u play Eve has inspired me greatly!

Ive tried playing eve the normal carebear way, hoarding and grinding away in the safety of high sec, ive tried my hand at piracy on other accounts, which of course was much better, but something was missing.

Now after reading about your exploits and insights i finally understand the best way to play the game. Its breathed life into EVE for me again, and i can only aspire in time to involve myself in activites yourself and TRAPS enjoy.

So much for me to still learn but i am grateful because now i have the direction, purpose, and inspiration, thanks to you.

2009.07.03 21:44
Your stories Rock :-)

2009.03.11 09:38
Thanks alot for spending the time to write the stories about the good times you have had in this game, if not for these stories i would of never started playing.
I look forward to seeing you out in space!

2009.06.28 20:06
Bit late considering the last was 2008 that I see, yet had to say awesome work with em.

Love the seriousness and sarcasm mix, makes for good reading.

Sending a lil donation over in hopes it will contribute to more of em.

Apologies for the intrusion.

2008.10.21 04:43
Really enjoy reading them, has certainly kept me occupied for a few hours now.

It was entertaining seeing that screenie of pRefer arguing with a few friends of mine in local that you pointed out, I asked one of them what it was about and it was him pulling the same old crap you described, then he wouldn't fight them with even numbers.

Good bio too.

Look forward to further updates.

2009.05.28 10:46
Greetings Nexa!

You don't know me, and I only know you from your eve-pirate stories. I keep checking eve-pirate for new stories (especially yours, as they're excellently written) and I just read the newest post on May.

i've just been sitting here reading your stories on your site and i must say i've loved them.

the shear ego some people have shown because of what you have done has kept me laughing for a good 4 hours. so, thank you! :-D

best of luck to your continued combat success.

2009.06.21 20:18
Hey Nexa,
I was reading your most recent story (great story, BTW) and I had to laugh because that idiot B1idz was in Pineapple Express, a corp I decced about a year back or so. Actually, he was WHY I decced them...drilled them down from 30 members to 1, heh.

Good on you flattening the little sucker. Last I knew him, he liked the smacktalk.

Hope everything is going well. I've pretty much been RPing and Carebearing since I have so little Eve time, but if you want some targets I have some money.

2009.07.05 18:26
Hey mate, can't stop reading your stories! Pretty good laugh and also a major inner view on how skirmishers of your sort operate :-) Keep up the good work buddy! Looking forward to read more!

I must say, I feel quite proud when I get emails from people I have never interacted with in game who compliment me on the stories. I think it's super cool that a passerby can stumble upon my stories and it appeals to them so much, they sign up to start playing Eve.

It's the same when established players read them and try a new play style out and they find their niche in Eve.

That's why I write these stories. I do it for the tears and cheers. Thanks for reading!


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Sergiiy Kortos on :

Finished reading this... awesome i love traps.

Mush on :


Another great story which got me through a particularly boring conference call on Friday.

Really glad to see TRAPS are still as active as ever and that you haven't lost your zeal. Reading the stories brings back happy memories.

May your blasters never run out of charges!


Blogslave on :

Should first clarify something: White Core does speak english, had to point that out so we don't look like barbarians.

Now that we got that out of the way: The funny thing about Seykachu joining and thereby getting us decced was that I read your stories about him 2-3 days before and though: hell no, I'm not fighting for that retard. Dunno if he got booted tho. Guess he realized we live in Curse and don't really care about highsec and just left. Enough pvp down there anyways. :-)

What you did show my corp at least is which players can watch local and/or read mails and take advice. faction fit aba missioning in a 100+ system during war? Fail. Even had a 1 month old char along in his first drake. Guess who the corp reimbursed...

All in all Kudos to you guys. 14-0 and there are some kills in there that are people in pvp ships out to get a good fight. What I don't understand tho is where you get the patience needed to locate, catch and kill people in highsec. I sure as hell don't have that..


freaky on :

Thanks for the propers. I still don't get why the alliance would even let him in and keep him in.

Guess they like wasting ISK reimbursing goobers in space. :-)

Seykachu keeps trying to join alliances because he thinks they will save him and that we will be ineffective against a large alliance.

He has been wrong every time.

liam perrins on :

he uses login traps and targets the lone or new players. ;-) hence `traps`?

Grimm Sayya on :


I love your stories too! Reading your stories helped me to realize the best thing to do is say the "GF" after a fight and then I have many times just talked with the people and learn more from them. No smack needed and I have learned alot.

I am also starting a "to be killed" list too.

Anonymous on :

You are in serious need of help dude.

liam perrins on :

Do yourself a favor and next month dont spend all youre paycheque on gtc`s ... I`d suggest a hooker may relieve youre problem...
As for the `to kill list` feel free to add me :-D I`ll look forward to seeing you! however this whole flaming our alliance is getting very old now and I`m sure you will find my corpm`8 will not find your behaviour as amusing as I do.... funny shit - crymore :-D

freaky on :

Buying GTC's make no sense. It's cheaper to pay for Eve yearly. See those of us with good jobs can afford this. :-)

How is flaming your alliance getting old? I only posted one story on it.

Why don't ya go canbait more Impairors with T2 ships. LOL!

xikorita on :

inst canbaiting in starter areas forbidden?


What got me into this game was shacknews stories and this blog, hence why I am pirating in low sec. Keep it up, it is worth the wait :-)

liam perrins on :

aye petition me nexa ... then prove youre claims, i`m happy i havent been can baiting noobs, however you freely admit you dec people `who dont even know what a war is` rofl

freaky on :

I can prove the claims. You're on an Impairor kill with a Stiletto and a Kronos. Sad indeed.

I don't find out they dont know what war is until after we dec them. We dont send them an intelligence test before hand.

Anon on :


You're still an inspiration. It was after reading your stories I created a pvp orientated toon, created my own corp and so on. My corp declared it's first war this week. My first solo war kill being gained this morning, elated to say the least.

I hope you keep up with the superb stories.

Anonymous on :

You put alot of effort with this blog into proving that you bugged them more than they bugged you. At the same time though, you seem to have taken a 'they started it!' approach to the personal attacks, for example;
He was home on a friday playing eve. So were you. So was 50,000 other people. BUT! he was drunk and you weren't? therefore you are cooler than him, right?

Aside from the fact that he probably wasnt drunk at all, and just said he was because, like smoking, drinking is cool ¬_¬ if you are above real life personal attacks, the man's soberiety shouldnt matter at all.

They sound like retards, but really, if you're half as experienced as you say, you should already know that since 2007 or so, the memberbase's average iq has been decreasing, sharply. For whatever reason. It comes with the territory so really if you're going to talk in local or read your evemails, be prepared to have your upbringing, vocation, height, dick length and corp size examined by someone barely smarter than a teaspoon.

M'ing Pai on :

Just... wow.

Thanks for deccing Seykachu. When I found him in Nakri setting up shop and passed along the intel, I was hoping you'd paddle him back into playing WoW. I see my hopes were realized.

I love the stories. They bring back so many good memories.

It's so tempting to apply to TRAPS with an alt and just not tell anyone who I am... :-)

Ospie on :

Once again you've provided an entertaining read. Keep it up.

Greasy Khan on :

Entertaining as always. Keep publishing stories and I will keep sending you isk. It amazes me that people will bring your family and private life into the smacktalk. It reeks of desperation. It's very easy to be a big man, spouting shit while docked up.

Nonny Moose on :

Umm. I get the feeling that Cody Bank guy actually is, you know.. special. I mean, he named himself after a Frankie Muniz movie. High functioning even, but still.. they're delicate.

I'm not one to tell you your business, and sure, Eve has it's consequences; but you might want to go a little easy on him. Just saying.

On the other hand, love your stories, went into piracy because of them, found the greatest joy in Eve and can't wait to hear the next one. =D

You guys give extortion a good name.

Admiral Pelleon on :

Great story mate, happened across this whilst gathering intel on a farmer corp we've been smacking around.

Fly safe and happy hunting.

Count Atreides on :

I just wanted to correct an inaccuracy in your otherwise well written article.

R.E.P.O were hired to help a really fail FW alliance named Star Faction. Contrary to your report that REPO hit us hard, its quite the opposite.

2.6b damage done to REPO as opposed to 1.2b in damage received. Although, by our standards, 66% efficiency was way below our normal 85%. So yes from that point of view, I guess you could say they were more competent than most.

Here are the stats based on the REPO killboard.

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