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First taste.

Keith’s the name, mining’s the game. Well, at least it used to be. What feels like ages ago I was a top notch miner. I flew my hulk with pride, grinning as I watched any and all Gurista pilots fail to pierce my shield. Eventually I got bored of that life and moved on. I found myself an agent under the employment of the Corporate Police Force. A few months later I found myself staring out at my CNR wishing for something else though not sure what. It was time for a change again, that much I knew. I had grown bored of the constant errands of the Corporate police. I left my raven in the station, grabbed myself the first Frigate I could find and jumped dock.

A few days later I found myself sitting behind the controls of my first Punisher, floating in the depths of the Old Man Star System. I pulled up my scanner window, rather unfamiliar with it I fiddled for a few minutes until I managed to figure it out. A few hits, some cruisers, and command ships. I thought better of engaging just yet. My patience was rewarded as a little later I picked up an Incursus on scan. I tried several times to locate and ambush the Incursus, but to my dismay every time the belt I warped to came zooming into view there was no ship to be found.

I continued stubbornly, missing the ship by mere seconds I could swear. Another 4 or so misses and I gave up, sighing as my attempt flopped, or so I thought. My screens lit up, alarms went off as I felt the ship lurch. Sensors indicating an Incurses off to the side, about 5km already firing on me. It was the same guy I had been chasing all day. I quickly turned the ship around, heading straight for him. My afterburner giving me the sweet speed I desired, as I swept past him, bright blue lights flaring from my lasers. My shield at this point was nearly gone. I threw on my NOS hoping his capacitor would be generous to mine as well as my damage control and my small armor rep. I took 2 solid hits nearly taking my armor to 50%. I was sure I was done for. My lasers had managed to obliterate his shield, but seemed slowed at his armor. I figured it must be plated and that this was turning out worse than I had anticipated. My repper began working the armor back into existence as we traded volleys. I soon became aware that my armor was regenerating faster than he could damage it now. His guns had stopped firing and my warp drive was online again. I had lucked out, his capacitor was empty. A few more seconds and I watched his armor disintegrate.

I quickly pondered the notion of calling off my lasers and requesting some Isk for his safe passage. This is the moment I realized that even though my own intentions were hostile, he had attacked me and there was just no way that I was going to let him get away with that. I grinned as the last of his hull was melted and destroyed by my lasers. I offered a simple good fight to his comm system on his pod and warped off after collecting some of his modules. I hadn’t realized until it was over how hard my heart had been beating, the few moments where I could swear I had stopped breathing and the almost twitching sensation of my fingers at the controls. The Corporate Police Force can find themselves a new errand boy, I know where I belong.


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