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Adrenaline rush

Ever since I first got into EVE, I wanted to do pvp. It just seemed like it was the most exciting thing to do in EVE since there were actually consequences to losing against another player. I asked too many questions about how to fit a ship and what was good and how to tackle, all the things necessary to yarr properly. I trained my skills so that I could manage some good dps in my Thorax and itched to go out and kill something. Finally after only a couple months, I earned my first kill.

I had decided to put the missions to the side for the night and head over to the closest low sec I could find, Oulley. I figure that the best way to get into a fight is to just sit still like the young n00b I am and wait for some big mean pirate bully to come and blow my Thorax up. I warped out to one of the belts and just as I finished with the last rat, a lone Rifter warped in almost right on top of me. I was in the process of locking but he aggroed first, so I threw my hammerhead II's at him and opened up my guns up as wide as they could go. When his armor was at 50% I looked at my own shields and armor and they weren't even touched! This can't be right, why haven't I taken any damage? I quickly looked over my entire screen to see what he was shooting at when I noticed I only had 2 Hammerheads left! Queue the facepalm and the lesson learned, so I pull them back in so he drops target on them. But the poor bastards didn't get to see the explosion as the Rifter popped and left me a little basket of goodies. I tried to snag and ransom his pod but my underdeveloped targeting skills could not lock on fast enough. I offered him a good fight in local, which he quietly returned before leaving system. The things he left for me were nothing special, but enough to pay for some new drones.

I replayed the explosion in my head a few times, but soon the adrenaline subsided and the pangs of my starved ADD wanted me to go back out there and make some more ships go boom. So I went to the nearby system Maut to see if I could find another person to shoot at. It didn't take long for my sit and wait strategy to bring me another opponent, this time a Vexor. Now I do not claim to be an expert on builds or setups, but I am pretty sure the tank on a Vexor should have outlasted mine. But once my drones and blasters started up, his sheilds and armor seemed to fall off and run away. He had to have been stabbed as well because he was able to warp away and left me with nothing left to do but offer a "gf :-(" in local, which he didn't return. Since I cannot probe and I didn't see where he might have warped to, I let him go and moved on to another belt.

I was in the process of looting the rats I killed when another Rifter warped in to the belt. Since I felt cheated out of a Vexor kill, I figured a Rifter boom could satisfy me. I didn't waste any time sending my drones after him and tackling him. He took much longer to kill than the first Rifter and thankfully he didn't go after my drones. Even so, the guy never got my armor past 75% so I had another goodie bag to pick from and another pod to try to ransom. Too bad he got away too. We exchanged gf in local and I headed back to base to drop off all the stuff I picked up.

I decided to head back out to Maut to try and see if I could snag another kill. I think maybe this whole killing other players thing could become an addiction as I was craving to make another ship explode. This was all that ran through my mind while jumping into the system so I didnt notice the big Myrmidon chilling there exactly 15 km away from me. I began to align to get out of there and head to a belt, but the guy locked and tackled me faster than campus security tackling a dirty hippie. So I turned right back around and high tailed it to the gate as fast as my afterburners could take me (yeah, I still cant do MWDs yet) and luckily I jumped through right as he was cutting into my structure.

I decided to call it a night after that while I still had a ship to speak of. I would say it wasn't a bad night for my first ever pvp outing. I learned a lot about fighting other players and recognized areas where i could improve upon. Maybe the kills I got were lucky and I am not truly ready to go out and fight people. All I know is that I want to become a pirate and I want to keep this killing business going as long as I possibly can. This business is just too much fun to want to do anything else.


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Thorvik on :

Well written and fun to read. Keep it up!

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