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First go at pvp

Hey guys, this is my first post here but I've been a fan for over a year. I figured it was only fitting to write about my first ever try at pvp. Well, this was after I'd been playing for around a month or two, I was nothing but a mission runner. Any thought of pvp scared the crap out of me. So one day, I was out in Pator belt ratting to pass the time in my Rupture. As I was doing that some guy, who we'll call Ted, convo's me and asks if I could help him kill this ore thief that keeps coming back. I figured it was for a good cause, and I was totally insured, so I decided to help him out. I flipped Ted's can and kept the name, hoping the guy wouldn't notice. I then moved out to about 18km, as that was the range of the artillery guns I was using, and waited.

About 5 minutes later a Thorax appears on my overview, the pilot's name is....Bill, that'll work. Anyway, I just watched and waited. Tempted to lock on but afraid to scare him off. I saw him fly closer and closer to the container, then just sit there. All of a sudden his name goes all flashy red and I figured now was time to act. I targeted and activated every one of my guns, as well as my afterburner just in case. At first he didn't do much, just fired at me with blasters which didn't do much, then I saw he was moving towards me. I clicked the button to orbit at 18km and my ship spun around and started a wide circle around him.

I'd been hitting his shields for about 30 seconds, gotten them down to around 50% when Ted decided he'd help, sending all his drones after Bill. Bill immediately switched targets and it was over pretty quick, with Ted sitting in a pod. After that I started to get worried but figured I had to finish what I started. My ship was a little faster than his, so I kept the edge on him, but soon as he hit armor he warped out. I was a little stuck there for a second then I saw a blinky on my chat window. It was Ted, back in our convo! He informed me of the belt he'd followed Bill to and I set off, making sure to warp to within my range. There we continued the same dance, him trying to catch me, and me firing round after round at his ship. He hit around half armor and warped again, this time I saw where and chased after him.

As I was warping I remembered something, I had hit warp to 0! Hoping he would still be far enough away to engage well I exited the warp tunnel smack on top of him. Right away he opened up with every blaster and what looked to me like dozens of drones, though there were only five. I tried to get away but he had fitted a scrambler, so all I could do was fire pointlessly at him with my long range guns. I saw my shields, armor, and finally hull melt away then the bright flash I've become so accustomed to seeing now. I'd had a lesson learned, and didn't lose much. Most of all though, I'd found out I really did like pvp, and that's what started me on the path to piracy.


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