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Betrayal at the Roids...

Ive been wanting to write about my kills but there's more drama and suspense in my recent loss so i think ill share this with you guys first.

It was early morning and i logged in to find my home system full of people. Lex Fasces and Maekar Targaryen are online; i know they're looking for a fight, i also know they fly a harby and an ishkur. My friend Pahra is also online and a lot of new faces in local. I talked to Raven Khk and asked if he wants to join us. Ive seen him and talked to him in the system plenty of times and thought he can be trusted. Man, i was wrong! He said he's doing a plex but can come and help us once i got a point on Lex or Maekar.

I asked Pahra whether he's willing to use his Rokh in this fight and he agreed. So i changed fitting quickly to suit the situation and undocked in my omen navy issue. Once outside, i did a 360 scan, there's a lot of ships in the result but i know who im looking for. I warped to a planet close to the belt they are in and got in position. By this time another friend Cael Ironstaff logged in and i invited him to our fleet. He flies an arazu. I found the belt Lex and Maekar are in and asked my fleet to get ready, they responded and i was off. I landed on top of our targets and they got a point and web on me almost immediately. I told my fleet to warp to me and the fight was on. My shield was going down fast, too fast. My armor was down to about 50% when i saw another one of their ally, cariusdius, enter the system. Damn, it seems they baited us and we took it. My armor is steadily dropping and already i know my friends wouldn't be able to get to me in time. I overloaded all my modules; weapons, repper and resists hoping to stay in the fight for as long as i can. Finally my friends arrived at the scene, Pahra in his Rokh, Cael in Arazu, and Raven in his Cerb. I felt a sigh of relief; even if i lose my ship, im sure they can pop both of these guys.

But suddenly Raven left our fleet and started shooting Pahra. Traitor! I know we were screwed. My hull stopped taking damage for a few seconds at 47% and i know Cael in his Arazu jammed someone; it didnt last long though and eventually my Omen Navy popped. I warped off and came back at 100km only to see cariusdius in his Retribution enter the fight.

It was hopeless, Pahra and Cael are fighting against overwhelming odds, but i dont want to abandon my friends.. I asked them if they can hold on for a bit longer while i get a new ship.. There was no reply. I asked again and waited. Still none. I arrived at the station and quickly got my BS and undocked.. Damn the black screen is taking so long.. When i was finally outside i hit warp quickly. I got global aggro and was already taking heavy fire from the sentry when Pahra said the fight was over. His rokh was down. Cael managed to warp off.

We've suffered terrible a loss, and i feel im partly to blame because of my bad judgement. But hats off to Pahra and Cael, they fought bravely. It was great flying with you guys. =)

my third loss

pahra's rokh

Im still in a noob corp but IF you guys enjoyed my story and are looking for people to fly with, contact me in-game. Im always looking for buddies and i dont care what your SP level is. The intent is to pvp and have fun.


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Raelyf on :

There's a fine line between piracy and greifing, and you've crossed it. Betraying corp mates is, in my opinion, a real low play. Worse yet? You made no real profit off of it.

I make my living as a pirate, and I've no problem with the smack and tears of my victims. You, on the other hand, betrayed the people that took you in, with no purpose or significant financial gain, simply to ruin their day. Call it what you like - but this isn't piracy.

Raelyf on :

Sigh Fail. This was meant to be posted to the story before this one.

Reikso Feesh on :

Wow, this sounded like a tense battle! Funny how it's the bad stuff that often makes for a better story, hehe.

P.S. I'm still waiting for our rematch! ;-)

Gank Boy on :

Hi Reikso, i mostly spend my time in null sec now but just mail me when you're ready and ill jump to low sec for you.

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