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Gate Encounter

A scout ahead warned of a hostile crow hugging the next star gate on-route to jita. I had been travelling home from my current ratting area in Kalevala Expanse where a lucrative week had been spent in relative calm. My local sensors indicated no other ship signatures in the system; there must be at least one possibly more ships lay waiting at the other end of the stargate jump? A friendly jumped through in a shuttle and reported only a lone Sacrilege Heavy assault cruiser. This was my chance, the chokehold into 0.0 is rarely this safe; the choice was made as my Raven battleship engaged its warp drive. Although not purposefully fitted for PvP but for killing pirates my ship could hold its own if need be. Planets flew past as the ship lurched towards the star gate, the crow arriving into view. Targeting systems started flashing warning of a successful lock by the crow; it was ready to attack but to ensure a hostile action I proceeded to lock back. The crow activated its warp disruptor and laughing as my ship used the stargate to jump to the next system knowing the crow now had to wait before the pilot was able to use the stargate due its aggressive actions.

The Next system arrived in mere seconds, I still marvelled at the technology many took for granted that allowed jumps of thousands of light-years in seconds. As had been reported there was the lone Sacrilege. Instantly my shield hardeners were activated, targeting systems started flashing again as the hostile ship locked me and proceeded to fire; its missiles barely scratching the Ravens immense shields. Aligning automatically to the next gate knowing help was never far away. This Sacrilege was fast my missiles barely able to hit! The only hope now was to run. A rack of Hornet EC-300 light electronic warfare drones were launched at the ship hoping these would be fast enough to gain on the ship. Watching eagerly it worked! The pilot had lost lock and his point on my ship broke, now was my chance to run! Activating the warp engines just as the crow reappeared, unfortunately the lumbering battleship wasn’t properly aligned and the fast locking crow had a point on again in milliseconds. It was unlikely the light drones could jam both targets but I had to try anyway. The rather sporadic targeting problems caused by the drones were a welcome relief from the never ending hail of rockets and heavy missiles, which had started to have an effect on the shields.

The battle raged a target painter marking the slower Sacrilege helping the cruise missiles hit with more of an effect. If it hadn't been for this module I dread to think of the impact cruise missiles would have had on such a fast ship. Checking the transversal of the ships in orbit, I noticed the crow had slowed. The opportunity was quickly taken changing the missiles target and trajectory to the now capacitor grieved crow, with a successful flash fire was observed leeching from its hull as a wave of missiles hit its fragile frame. The pilot quickly aligning and engaging warp as the second wave of missiles flew off into the emptiness of space.

Attention turned to the Sacrilege who by now was feeling the strain on his ships capacitor at the prolonged engagement. The ships capacitor control rigs showing their worth holding the capacitor well as the enormous shield booster pulsed, trying desperately to save every volt possible. The cruise started to have an effect on the Sacrilege as it shields slowly disintegrated, its armour starting to fracture. Sensing the encroaching victory but with no warp disruptor fitted, relying on the pilot’s tenacity to keep him in the fight was the only hope. As the Sacrilege kept up its assault the crow reappeared reassuring its ally with an additional point, the overview registering it’s now rejuvenated shields and capacitor. Launcher bays continued to pummel the Sacrilege with missiles, massive control units speeding their delivery. As the last of the Sacrilege’s armour fell, the nearby stargate activated and the form of two Vagabond class heavy assault cruisers animating. They sped towards the fight their auto cannons reeling. It was game over... a few more seconds to keep at the Sacrilege it might just go down before me.

The already overloaded shield booster couldn't take the added damage from the two vagabonds and I watched as my ships armour quickly faded. The structure of the ship holding together with the help of a damage control, this saved critical seconds allowing the crew to abandon ship. The Sacrilege had escaped albeit with less than 10% structure. My pod launched into space and I had just enough time to type a GF into my local transponder before everything went black...

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Skirge on :

It's nice to see someone posting a good fight even when they didn't take home the victory. Props for giving it a go even when you knew the risks; that's what EVE is all about.

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