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We were carebears....

War, my favorite activity. War is my business, I enjoy my work. My desire to do this work started a very long time ago in Erila. I was in my second private corporation. I joined Apex Elite Security after my own initial corporation proved impractical for one person to run. Most of our operations were those of the mining variety. All of our other work consisted of security work for Caldari Navy. Inoue was home to all of us, it had everything we needed, but not everything we wanted. It was only a matter of time before our members grew restless and began roaming into Erila and Horkkisen.

There was always the burning curiosity for new pilots to explore the low security systems. We didn't know about the prevalence of piracy in low security, we simply knew that there were "bad" people out there, so it came as something of a surprise when one of our members' brutix was being attacked while hunting guristas. Naturally, we were all enraged, but still timid to the thought of engaging another capsuleer, one who probably knew more about what he was doing than we did. I hopped into my brand new, and poorly fitted Moa, Vlad in his caracal, and Drake in his bellicose; we tore space heading over there, just in time to see the our corpmate's pod approaching the gate back to inoue. We went to the belt where it happened, not knowing what we wanted, but definitely finding out what we didn't.

We arrived to see a rupture floating about, it's pilot, Sinickal, wasted no time in showing us what she was there for and proceeded to lock onto Drake and engage with great fervor, the kind only seen by people who really enjoy what they do (I only experienced this later). Drake, like us, had no idea how to fit a ship effectively for any purpose, we all went for the fabled "MacGuyver" fit that so many new pilots choose to go with; his bellicose didn't last long, all the while we were firing everything we had at this pirate, this person of low moral fiber. Next one on the spit was Vlad, he was the first member of our corp to have a cruiser, it's a pity that it had to go without a single kill under it's belt.

I really don't need to put very much detail into the combat because if you're reading this, you can probably imagine more or less what happened. All I need to point out is that at that time, warp core stabilizers had no penalties that would deter even a new pilot like myself from fitting them, and it saved my moa. Saved it so I could warp off, defeated. I felt demoralized, I was a director, we had just recruited a new pilot not more than an hour prior, and we got sent running with our tails between our legs. After the obligatory, "We're going to keep coming back until you're dead" type of conversation that almost always happens when young capsuleers get their first taste of combat was over, we took to decreeing that Erila was off limits for our corp, we even took such a stance as to tell our people that they shouldn't shoot each other because it wasn't good comradery. Eventually, I learned to respect what Sinickal did to us that day; she inspired me to learn more about fighting, that's for certain, but she also made such an impact as to be the first big step to being the pilot I am today. Also, yarr.

Fly Safe kids,

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Mynxee on :

Ha! I remember way back when, my good-girl alt naively took her shiny new (and seemingly oh so powerful) Thorax into low sec to MINE of all things, and was instantly ganked by pirates. I was OUTRAGED. How DARE they! Obviously I came to my senses. Now I know exactly why they did that. Yarr!

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